Wowgo 2021 Vlog Event!

Oct 07, 2021

Wowgo 2021 Vlog Event! - WOWGO BOARD

 When my friend first time Esk8

In order to thank everyone for their support of Wowgo, Also hope that you can bring the fun of skateboarding to more people around you. We held this event and prepared some amazing prizes, hope you all have fun in the event.


Note: Wear a helmet and take corresponding safety measures during the experience.

*How to join?

1. Invite at least 3 friends or strangers to ride and enjoy your WOWGO electric skateboard and record it how you teach and how they skate. The duration of the video is no less than ③ minutes.

2. Upload the video to YouTube and name the title as 
【WOWGO Electric skateboard/ when my friends first time Esk8】
Also, add the Wowgo web link: in the video description.

3. Each person participating in the video needs to go to our official website ( enter your email and subscribe to complete the registration.
Little tip: The more people who participate in the experience, the better.

4.The uploaded video must be kept for two years, and the winner's video needs to be kept forever

5. All of the above requirements are necessary, and please ensure that we can find your contact information in your channel and can contact you successfully.


Start now - End of collecting  25th Oct(Pacific Standard Time)
The competition will end on October 25th and the winner will be announced in 5 days, which is 30th October(Pacific Standard Time).



How we judge: Video content, Experiencer appreciation, originality, editing, scenes, number of people, themes, etc.

1. The first prize(one):
One unit WowGo mini2 2in1 Or a gift card for the equivalent amount

2. The second prize(one) :
One unit WowGo 3 Or a gift card for the equivalent amount

3. The third prize(one) :
One unit WowGo 2s pro Or a gift card for the equivalent amount

*The WowGo team reserves the right to a final interpretation.

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