WowGo Mini 2 Electric Skateboard & Shortboard

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(Currently, we only provide 105 mm black Cloudwheels and donut)

Make You As Flexible As a Cat.

The lightest electric skateboard that Wowgo has ever designed, a 6.95kg net weight shortboard, two wheelsize options for Mini board skaters and Mini board lovers.

  • 40 kph -- Top Speed
  • 15 miles -- Real Range
  • 187.2Wh 10s2p Battery
  • 15.32 lbs / 6.95 Kg -- Board Weight
  • 20.6 inches wheelbase
  • 1360 W Power (680 W Each)
  • Optional wheelsize 90 / 105 mm 
  • 8 layers of Canadian maple Deck
  • 25-30% -- Hill Climbing
  • 2.5~3 h -- Charging Time
  • Hobbywing Control system 

More Features

Deck Concave Design

2 * 680 W Motor

Brake Pad

Battery Indicator

Large Power Button

Hobbywing ESC

6 Months Warranty

All these fetures brings Premium Riding Experience. 

2 x 680 W Hub Motors

Wowgo Mini 2 has 2 hub motors of 680 watts each (for a total of 1360 watts). This upgraded configuration means the Wowgo Mini 2 can bring you faster acceleration than other Wowgo electric shortboards.

Brake Pad Pre-assembled

The Wowgo Mini 2 comes with a pre assembled brake pad, it does a great help to protect the Mini 2 deck. Fits perfectly into the Mini 2 bottom side of the tail.

Larger Power Button

Wowgo Mini 2 has a larger silicone power button, it's 2 times larger than before, we improve details as well.

Battery Indicator

The battery indicator helps you calculate the remaining battery life without turning on the skateboard remote.

8 Layers Canadian Maples

The 8 layers of maple ensure the hardness and durability of the skateboard board itself, and there will be no serious damage at all.

Deck Concave Design

The concave is designed to help the electric short board better control when riding, and at the same time, it can also enable you to have a better foot experience. This is a must-have for the electric short board.

Iwonder 105 Donut Avaiiable 

Wowgo Mini 2 comes with 2 wheelsize options, 90 mm Wowgo original wheels and Iwonder 105 mm donut, you can choose the wheelsize as you like. 

What's in the box?

A Wowgo Mini 2 electric skateboard* 1

Mini 2 90 mm wheel stickers * 1

OLED Remote * 1  

42 V 2A Charger * 1

Skateboard T tool * 1

Skateboard Y tool * 1

Remote charging cable* 1

Mini 2 Manual* 1

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