WowGo AT2 Electric Skateboard & Longboard

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 YOUR MAIN RIDER, WOWGO AT 2 electric skateboard.

  • 40 kph -- Top Speed
  • 15-17 miles -- Real Range (11.6AH)
  • 18-20 miles -- Real Range (14 AH)
  • 331 lbs -- Max load
  • 30% -- Hill Climbing
  • 3~4 h -- Charging Time

ALL Features in one.

All Feture in one
(turn 90 degree to view)

High-Quality Powerful 6368 Motors

2*1500W high-quality and high-precision motors with an excellent dynamic balance. This means that the motor will make much less noise when functioning.

Powerful Flexible Battery Pack & New Design Enclosure

A flexible battery paired with a flexible deck offers a comfortable riding experience. The battery’s max discharging is 40A and additionally has a lower voltage sag. The proprietary battery enclosure is flexible and high-strength and equipped with a heat sink that can reduce the chance that the battery or ESC overheats.

Canadian Maple + Bamboo + Fiber Glass Deck

high-strength while remaining flexible. The deck is extremely ergonomic and comfortable.

Double Kingpin Trucks

High strength double kingpin trucks provide you with a very flexible carving experience.

Hobbywing Upgraded ESC

The newly upgraded Hobbywing ESC has upgraded hardware and software, making the riding experience more powerful and comfortable with extremely smooth acceleration and braking.

Swappable Street Wheels

Easily switch from all-terrain wheels to 105mm or 120mm street wheels.

175mm Pneumatic AT Wheels

 The AT2 can handle road conditions like grass, gravel, and dirt, more easily than rubber wheels.

I think the biggest advantage of Wowgo AT2 is that it shows the most flexible movement as an electric board and it's a fun board not only for beginners but also for experienced people. I really enjoyed AT2 and it was a board that perfectly fits my riding style. -KAMi JUINs

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