WowGo All-Terrain Electric Skateboard WowGo All-Terrain Electric Skateboard WowGo All-Terrain Electric Skateboard WowGo All-Terrain Electric Skateboard WowGo All-Terrain Electric Skateboard
WowGo All-Terrain Electric Skateboard

WowGo All-Terrain Electric Skateboard

Wowgo AT Have been finished; Got Sufficient Stock Now, can make delivery at any time; Max Range to 22.5Miles, Top Speed to 22M/H, Max Uphill to 30/H, With 6.5" big rubber wheels, deeply waterproof, with new smart OLED screen remote.





Rear Truck upgrade& test of  Wowgo AT have been finished. Click here to watch the video

The stock of Wowgo All-Terrain run out now,  any news about  delivery&stock, we will update  in time here

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Why WowGo All-Terrain Electric Skateboard Would be the Best All-Terrain Board in 2018?

We have deeply optimized the details that affect the electric skateboarding experience, making it the best all terrain electric skateboard in 2018.

DEEPLY WATERPROOF- WowGo All Terrain Board is waterproof, you don’t need to worry about the water damage and bad weather any more.

NEW SCREEN REMOTE- WowGo All Terrain Board is equipped with a brand new screen remote control, you can easily get all the data (like speed, battery life of board and remote, single range and total range...) when you ride.

BEST SANYO 14AH BATTERY- WowGo All Terrain Board uses the best Sanyo high-capacity lithium battery which could provide 14Ah capacity and 40A max current output, it provides much longer range and you can hardly feel the voltage sag.

6.5" ALL TERRAIN HUB MOTOR- WowGo All Terrain Board can easily handle the most of the road conditions, which means you will get more comfortable riding experience.

UPGRADE SMOOTH ESC-We deeply optimized the ESC algorithm and makes the acceleration and brakes very smooth, and we also optimized the conversion efficiency of electrical energy to mechanical energy when it’s at high speed.

CANADIAN MAPLE PLUS FIBERGLASS DECK– Much more durable and stronger drop down deck can lower the center of gravity and makes it more stable when riding.

REGENERATIVE BRAKING - The intuitive system charges the battery as you brake.

MORE STABLE- Big rubber tires with good griping, and new double kingpin truck makes board stable, offering a more comfortable riding experience.

REAL ALL TERRAIN- Even Available to ride on grass land, Sands, And easy to cross the small ditches and road bumps




Sanyo 14 Ah Battery:15.5-22.5 miles (25-36 km)

Measured by Aiden (143lbs rider), and the actual range will be affected by road conditions, the rider weight, temperature. etc. 


Fast mode: 22 mph (36km/h)

Medium mode: 15.5 mph (25km/h)

Slow mode: 9.3 mph (15km/h)




Drop down Deck: Lower the center of gravity and makes it more stable when riding at high speed.

Material: 8 layers of Canadian maple plus Fiberglass

Max load: 330 lbs (150 kg), and recommending riding weight is 264 lbs (120 kg) and below.


28.6 lbs (13 kg)



1 x Completely Assembled WowGo AT Board

1 x new screen remote wireless control

1 x adapter and charger(US, AU or EU plug according to your location)

1 x T wrench tool for daily maintenance

1 x LED light

1 x Manual book


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
My new go to board...updated model.

I ride on a lot of crappy roads that on a urethane wheeled board is hard to control and is hard on the feet. The Wowgo AT is a cozy ride with no jerkiness in the controls .Feels stable at speed, no wobbles. I also like to ride dirt trails ,as long as their relatively smooth.This isn't a mtn. board. I flipped the trucks to get more ground clearance. I was having issues bottoming out...scrapping up the battery box.I also had issues with a little play in the slot the wheel axles fit into.So, I put a layer a electric tape on the axle and that took care of the wiggle. All in all , its been a fun board to ride about anywhere.

Overwhelming at first. Extremely practical and fun overall.

Received my board the other day after my Honda Elements engine melted. Good timing to use my board for work, school, and fun.

After first opening the box I realized this board is massive and HEAVY. I took it outside for a quick spin on first gear only to realize this is probably too much for me. I nearly fell off the board a few times. I slept on it.

The next morning I figured I would try to practice at a nice long park with plenty of flat cement. Try first gear again, finding that I just need different foot placement so I don't fall off during acceleration and stopping. Great. Figure second gear can't be too bad and realize torque is decreased with higher top speed (much like a car!). Eventually I make my way to third gear and reach 20MPH. WOW this things GOES ;).

I go around another lap and decide to try it on the grass, ice, and woodchips. They both work well besides a slower speed. This thing will roll over anything with this clearance. I won't try sand yet as its new but fully expect it to crawl just fine.

I left the park with an empty battery and a full heart. Very glad I went with this over competitors products. I needed something to handle rough pavement, hills, price, and my 200lb weight. This checks everything off my list.

Speed: 10/10
Handling at high speeds: 10/10
Road noise: 10/10
All terrain: 10/10
Hills: untested, will review later
Price: 10/10 (coupons didn't work with this but still excellent at full price)

Wowgo 2s

Amazing board used it in the rain, snow and even ice. Never once gave me trouble. Had mine for two years now. I even just bought the AT Verison so I will let you know how that goes. Enjoy! Go check out my video review over at YouTube.

Wow atupgrade.

I have a well go to S and I have a wild girl all terrain they upgraded it’s a really good board very fast very fluid very finicky on the tightening and the how you set up the trucks but it rides very well and is very impressive going up hills and in the gravel I wrote it 12 miles to the closest town along the beach the only thing that I do have a problem with is the way that the hub motors fit into the trucks needs a better designThey get loose very quickly and they flop around flipping them over 180° seem to do a good job fixing the problem and if I were to critique anything else the metal that the trucks are made out of is very very soft so do not over tighten your belt because I’ve already stripped out to use Loctite and other than that it’s a very good board well worth the money


I have a WOWGO 2s, its the best $$$$ Iv spent in a long time, and i'm a 49 year old guy that wanted a power skateboard since i was 10. haven't ridden a skateboard in years but i ride this around town and get there faster than the friends in cars and im ZERO emissions. Its F)^$$ING awesome. when will the all terrains ship? I need it.