Hub Motor(Upgraded Urethane)


Description All the black motors are...


All the black motors are with Improved Durable Urethane which is more wear-resisting.

powerful and quite 

  • Type: 90mm (3.54inch) diameter hub motor
  • Rated motor power: Dual motor each 250W
  • Maximum motor power: each 375~500W
  • Top Speed : 36 km/h
  • Uphill : 30%

But all the red motors are the original motor which are NOT upgraded.


3 Months warranty for all parts(except the water damage and wheels wear)

You can buy all parts in my shop and we also provide 3 months warranty

For parts that are not yet in the store, you can contact me for purchase.

But you can't return it to us because our profits are not enough to afford such a high shipping fee. If quality problems occur during the warranty period (3 months), we can provide free replacement and free shipping. You can also buy all the accessories in my store, and I'll send you a video to teach you to change.

If you don't like our skateboard (odds are slim), you can send it to your friends as a gift and pass pleasure on. At the same time, you can tell me why you don't like it. I’d be happy to discuss with you the design concept of the next WOWGO board. Thank you

Friendship help: if you want to buy other Chinese products, maybe I can buy it and send it for you together with the accessories you purchased, As long as it conforms to the customs policy.