Our Story

WOWGO was founded in August 2017 by two young entrepreneurs, Jason and Aiden. They were two college graduates who worked stable jobs in their field of study and lived an everyday life, feeling a lack of motivation. That all ended one day after they stumbled upon a young man riding by on his electric skateboard. The young man’s face was full of joy and passion and youthfulness, which had an infecting effect on Jason and Aiden. In that moment, they realized that life was more than just working and getting through the day. They wanted to ignite joy and passion and youthfulness in other peoples lives, just like the young man ignited theirs. That’s how they grew a passion for electric skateboards and decided to change their lives.

In the living room of a shared apartment in crowded Shenzhen, Jason and Aiden started their first company. From studying the mechanics of a skateboard to polishing the first electric skateboard prototype, it took them 40 days of test riding and 40 nights of fine tuning, chip by chip, nail by nail. Thanks to the hard work of the two dream fighters and the graciousness of their roommates, the first WOWGO 1 prototype was built on September 28th, 2017. The name WOWGO came about because Jason and Aiden wanted their boards to remind e-skaters to always look out for surprises as they ride along.

The skateboards are designed to take the best of what's available on the market. We use quality batteries from Samsung, LG, and Sanyo, the best 90mm diameter hub-motors, a dual drive splash-proof sinusoidal chipboard, and Zealous bearings. All of this reflect WOWGO’s deep commitment to excellence in both quality and design.

As WOWGO boards gain more popularity, the company is expanding its operations and capacity, but its vision for electric skateboards remains the same. Today, WOWGO is still focused on bringing joy and passion and youthfulness into people’ s lives by building the best affordable skateboards. It is WOWGO’s mission to provide responsible quality products that will keep you happy for years to come.