Q:When will you ship, if i order today?
A:We will ship your board within 3 days of the day you order!

Q:Why does the shipping cost so high?

A:1.Because the Wowgo Board include a BIG battery in it,so it use a SPECIAL LINE which is more expensive. 

2.The shipping cost have already included the tax,so you needn't to pay extra tax any more.

Q:What's the current shipping time?(From the shipped date by Logistics company)
United States: Approximately 10-12 days
Europe: Approximately 9-12 days
Australia:Approximately 10-12 days
Canada:Approximately 18-20 days
Japan:Approximately 7-10 days
Singapore:Approximately 5-7 days

(Since near Black Friday and Christmas,It's the busy season for the Logistics company,so the shipping time might be a little later  )


Q:Will i receive a tracking number?
A:Yes! we'll fill in the tracking number through your order after the board is shipped.

Please note that the tracking time stated on your tracking number is not accurate, as we are utilizing a special shipping method.

Q:Do I need to pay for tax?

A:No! You needn't. The tax is included in the shipping fee.


Q:How water resistant is this board? Will it still function if it goes through small puddles?
A: We've been skating the WowGo board through several puddles without any issues.

We do - however - recommend that you ride around water and stay away from wet or icy surfaces. The water could damage the Board. And riding on wet and icy surfaces is extremely dangerous, as you will easily lose control of the powerful board.


Q:Do I need to charge the battery when I receive the board?

A:Yes,you need to. You can charge it fully before riding it,because the battery is not fully charged before leaving the factory.(to protect the battery)


Q:If i buy the board from your website, does it come with the battery that lasts for  12.5-18.6  miles?

A:Yes,you can charge it fully when you receive it and run about 12.5-18.6 miles.


Q;How much weight can WoWGo carry?
A:The max load of WowGo is 280 pounds (150kg).
We do recommend a maximum weight of 264 pounds (120kg) and below, as weights above that might have an impact on performance.


Q:How to adjust steering sensitivity?
A:You can adjust the tightness of the nut at the front of the truck by using a T wrench. Loosen the nut to make the steering flexible. Tightening the nut will make the steering clumsy


Price & Promotion
How do you make such a great product at such a low price?
We don't have any advertisement or operating expenses and are at the moment trying to build the WowGo brand. This means the board is currently sold at an extremely low profit margin, while still maintaining a high quality of the components used. We hope to attract new customers with our low prices and certified components like our Samsung battery, fag bearings, reliable motors, quality ESC and so on. We believe that maintaining a low price and a high quality will in the end make the consumers recognize our brand and support us further in the future. Thank you!