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Material Bamboo + Fiber Glass Deck Bamboo + Fiber Glass Deck Fiberglass + Bamboo + Canadian Maple 8 Layers Real Canadian Maple Deck
Motor Power 2*600W, belt motors 2*500W, hub motor 2*1500W, hub motor Hub motor: 2*560W Belt motor: 2*600W
Wheel 90mm 78A Soft Durable PU wheel 90mm 78A Soft Durable PU wheel 175*50 mm Pneumatic wheels 90*62mm. 78A Soft PU
Extra Wheels 120mm cloudwheels
105mm cloudwheels
N/A 120mm cloudwheels
105mm cloudwheels
120mm cloudwheels
105mm cloudwheels
...(Only for Belt motor)
Battery 259.2Wh Samsung 6.0Ah : 216Wh
Samsung 8.0Ah : 288Wh
504wh Samsung battery:180Wh
Remote OLED remote OLED remote OLED remote OLED remote
Speed Gear Slow,Normal,Fast,Turbo Slow,Normal,Fast,Turbo Slow,Normal,Fast,Turbo Slow,Normal,Fast,Turbo
Top Speed 24miles/h(39km/h) 24miles/h(39km/h) 25miles/h(40km/h) 24miles/h(39km/h)
Range 14 miles (22.5 km) Samsung 6.0Ah : 12-14 miles (19-22.5 km)
Samsung 8.0Ah : 17-20 miles (27-32 km)
35 km (22miles) Standard : Hub motors:11-12 miles (18-20 km)
Belt motors: 11miles (17 km)
Max Load 120kg 120kg 120kg 120kg
Brake System E-brake,regenerative E-brake,regenerative E-brake,regenerative E-brake,regenerative
Charger Parameters 100-240V/3.0A input 100-240V/2.5A input 100-240V/3.0A input 100-240V/2.5A input
Charging Time 2-3h Samsung 6.0Ah :2-3h
Samsung 8.0Ah : 3-4h
4-5 hours 2.5 hours (Standard)
Net Weight 7.33kg 8.08kg 13.62 kg (Pneumatic wheels)
12.69kg (cloudwheels)
13.62kg (2 in 1)
7.6 Kg (Hub moto r/ Standard)
7.75Kg (Belt motor / Standard)
7.6 Kg (Hub+Belt / Standard)
Gross Weight 10.08kg 11.05kg 17.33kg (Pneumatic wheels)
15.99kg (cloudwheels)
19.58kg (2 in 1)
9.95kg (Hub motor/Standard)
10.1kg (Belt motor/Standard)
12.34kg (Hub+Belt / Standard)
Size 974mm*284mm*136mm 974mm*284mm*134mm 1080mm*320mm*180mm 974mm*284mm*134mm
Pack 1040mm*330mm*160mm 1030mm*300mm*160mm 1150mm*380mm*230mm 1034mm*330mm*155mm