Wowgo 3X is Online Today

Sep 08, 2019

Wowgo 3X is Online Today - WOWGO BOARD
We're happy to announce Wowgo 3X is online today. After a long time of waiting, now it is time to meet you guys.
We spend a lot of time to develop and test WowGo 3x until now everything is perfect. We are dedicated to bringing more powerful, comfortable experience with its strong belt-driven system. Equipped with The Hobbywing v2.0 ESC which comes with the overall upgrade of hardware and software. It’s very powerful and smooth. And Wowgo 3X equipped with two powerful 600W rated power motors, which have more torques and excellent dynamic balance, it will make much less noise when working. We also use a new powerful Samsung battery which has more output and less heating. You can get 14 miles range. And We may offer more options for battery in the future. Except for the power system, Wowgo 3X is also equipped with the best TOP-GRADE parts and materials. Such as the Gates belts, Zealous bearings, and new soft wheels, high strength and precision belt truck and so on. Which will provide you the most reliable and wonderful riding experience. 
Wowgo 3X also inherits many good characteristics from our previous working, like the flexible bamboo plus fiberglass deck, famous Paris front truck, smart LCD remote, etc. We want to make it absolutely a brand new belt-driven board but also keep the characteristics the community has favored. We have got so many comments/feedback from the community since the Wowgo 3X program started. The community is always the most important part of Wowgo, we have revised Wowgo 3X according to your advice/suggestions and we'll continue to do this in the future.
We accept preorders from now and all Wowgo 3X preorders will be shipped from Oct 15th in sequential order. Don't miss this opportunity and preorder yours here wowgo 3x electric skateboard longboard 
Wowgo will always stand behind its selling and bring the most valuable product to our community. Let's enjoy the belt Wowgo 3X board, cheers!
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