A Thanks Letter From Sydney Australia

Aug 14, 2019

A Thanks Letter From Sydney Australia - WOWGO BOARD

To the people at Wowgo,


I had wanted to drop you a line for a while now, to just let you know that I think your electric skateboards, my Wowgo 2S to be more specific, is a truly wonderful machine and one that I nowadays rely on as my daily ride and my vehicle of choice, Besides the practicality of travel offered up by my Wowgo 2S, there is no real way to truly describe the feelings which riding my Wowgo 2S produces within my mind and body, when I am carving on my board downhill towards my next destination, knowing that my Wowgo 2S is under my total control, and that mechanically and electronically, my board is as reliable as the day turns into night. It is an amazing sense of confidence that is born from real world experience,and from clocking in many many kilometres riding atop my Wowgo board.


The Wowgo 2S has earned my respect and my undying affection, because it has not for even a single moment let me down,I have ridden Eboards before, when the braking mechanism failed and caused me to have to dig deep and find for myself a solution, as I careened downhill at over 50 kilometres per hour. These moments are not fun and are never safe, and for me…addressing the safety and the fun issues, were the main reasons I decided on your electric board.


From the moment I had that remote at my fingertips, the Wowgo was in control. It has never failed to respond precisely to my commands and has never had a communication or a brake failure. I was pleasantly surprised with the remote that came packaged with the board. In short it has been crafted very well and is of the highest standard and one that you at Wowgo should really be very proud of. You had managed to produce an Eboard that ticked all the boxes, in relation to the Wowgo's inherent qualities pertaining to its safe operation.This electric board means a lot more to me than just that, and in many unexpected ways, your electric skateboard or rather, my electric skateboard has enriched my life in ways I would never have imagined. If you could permit me for a few moments, to give you my account as to the positive experience I have had in becoming a Wowgo 2S rider and owner.


I have not been on a board since I was in my early twenties, that many years ago,and I had not expected that I would ever ride one again. As it turned out, I saw a video of a Youtube vlogger a couple of years ago riding an electronic skateboard in New York City, he looked like he was having a blast on his board and I immediately became interested in what this whole electronic skateboard thing was all about…I did my utmost to research what I could but when I found out the cost of that particular bloggers Boosted board, I decided there and then that it was slightly cost prohibitive. As an aspiring Video grapher, my video equipment took precedent over everything else, so I decided not to bother with getting my own electric board, unless certain things changed in the world of Eboarding.


Coincidentally after a fair while things did change, Chinese made electric boards started becoming known around the traps, and after a little more time, these Chinese made boards started developing reputations for their ever-growing quality and cost effectiveness. Suddenly there were a couple of names, a couple of bigger brands that seemed to stand out from the pack.


I could have gone with this brand or that brand, but things worked out in such a way that I decided on a Wowgo 2S, there are only a handful of times in ones life when one can say that there were absolutely zero negative outcomes resulting from a transaction or a purchase. The Wowgo 2S is the best money I ever spent on anything, a regret free investment, which bears fruit for me, in terms of joy, on a day to day basis…I absolutely love this machine.


When I had moments in my personal life, that were difficult…I looked forward to those times in my daily life and commute, when I would be outside in the warmth of the day riding my Wowgo 2S, in a kind of solitude, able to gain a real joy and relief, by just experiencing again that thrill and that sense of real control I had… when I rode my Wowgo 2S.


I will ride this board until the day it gives out, which from my experience with the Wowgo 2S and its build quality, won't be for a long time yet. Thank you for bringing to my world, something which brings me so much happiness and fun. I have filmed a short documentary about your product, my appreciation for it and my adventures riding it around Sydney.


Your number one fan.


Vincent P


The WowGo AT2+ has been nominated as the Best Electric Skateboard in Australia

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