• Who we are?

Founded in 2017, WowGo is a company focused oriented in outdoor sports. Since then, we have maintained a high speed yet stable growth.

Our businesses are established in more than 60 different countries and regions, allowing us to export worldwide. We have also obtained numerous patents and trademarks. 

The positive evolution of WowGo comes from a modernized product R&D team, a professional marketing team, reliable overseas sales stations, convenient overseas warehouses near you, smooth running self-owned factories, etc.

When all these factors are combined, we bring to you a great electric skateboard buying experience that far exceeds your expectations.


  • Where it all began.

Providing quality and affordable electric skateboards to riders is WowGo's philosophy. From this, WowGo 1 was born, which was designed to take full advantage of the high-quality skateboard accessories available on the market at that time and combine them with the lowest price possible.

We are selective and meticulous in the materials we use as we want everyone to love our product as much as we do, sharing our passion and love of e-boards with as many as possible. 

Soon after, we launched WowGo 2S, which then became a classic due to its outstanding quality and unparalleled design. It has also received great acclamation in the skateboarding industry and community.


  • Why us?

WowGo’s focus lies on electric skateboards and the rider’s experience. We hold ourselves accountable for having high-quality design and immaculate workmanship. All products are tested by professional product engineers and riders to guarantee the rider’s safety, and every little detail is taken into account.

Our motto is to bring only the best to our customers. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive warranty of up to 180-365 days regarding manufacturing defects. Rest assured that we are also constantly improving our customer service to provide the best shopping experience to you.

  • What’s next?

In the future, we look forward to bringing you more than just electric skateboards. Our vision is to become the leading brand in cross-border outdoor sports. We aim to uphold our forefront mission to make outdoor travel enjoyable for all.