Electric Skateboard Battery Pack 36V 10S2P

Electric Skateboard Battery Pack 36V 10S2P

Please use discount code VIP to get 5% off when checkout. The best motorised electric skateboard batteries choice in 2018, You can find high quality battery pack by Samsung, Panasonic and Sanyo at accessories.Free Shipping.

Powerful Samsung

Panasonic 6.4 Ah

Sanyo 8.5Ah

Battery for Flight




Please use discount code VIP to get 5% off when checkout.


  • ●Powerful Samsung:10-12 miles(16-19.3 km) 
  • ●Panasonic 6.4 Ah Battery:12.5-14 miles(20.5-22.5 km)
  • ●Sanyo 8.5 Ah Battery:15.5-18.6 miles (25-30 km)
  • ●2.5 Ah Samsung Battery for Flight: 6.2-7.5 miles(10-12 km)


Customer Reviews

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Battery / Entry level is the BEST value

The battery you need depends on your body weight, terrain traveled (hills or not), and distance to be traveled.

Living in an urban area, the entry level battery with a 10 - 12 mile range was my right choice.

For those very occasional trips that exceed the 10 - 12 mile range of my original WowGo battery, I will be using the 2nd WowGo battery as a range extender by plugging it into the charge port.

The cost of these two batteries is about that of the most expensive WowGo battery offering. However, instead of one battery, I'll have a battery for two WowGo boards with the longer range capability of tethering the 2nd battery to the 1st.

When these batteries are worn out, hopefully, super fast charging solid state batteries will be available.

New Sanyo battery is great!

Thanks WowGo! Getting those miles now I wanted and the install went smooth. I'll continue posting my adventures on instagram(aspiritinthesky) and have a review of both the board and battery install shortly. Nothing but truthful kudos to you coming up!! And

powerful battery

wowgo battery is very good quality!
I think that it is a valuable manufacturer who sends shipping fee for free.
I also want to shop at wowgo.

2 times

J’ai attendu une première batterie pendant 3 mois avant qu’on ne me propose une autre. celle ci est arrivée rapidement... donc note moyenne.

Hasn't arrived yet

Ordered 14 Oct 2017. Shipped to eastern USA 18 Oct 2017, from China. UPS tracking number had no data whatsoever until 1 Nov 2017, saying it will be delivered tomorrow, 2 Nov 2017.

So far so good, but several days slower than expected. I can't wait to try it out!