Shipping Notice

Apr 25, 2020

Dear customers:

First of all, we're really appreciate for your continued support and recognition of Wowgo. Affected by epidemic, the air freight cost has increased dramatically and has exceeded our tolerant range.Based on this,after a discussion,we made the following decision:

1.Our shipping charge has been adjusted and there are two shipping methods for your choice, the air and sea shipping. The specific cost is varies on country. Our price increase is only in terms of freight charges. With the decrease of the price of logistics and transportation, we will adjust accordingly.

2.The warranty of WowGo 2S/KT/Mini is extended from 3 months to 6 months since APR 14,2020.

3.Wowgo team is fully resumed, if there is any question for you, please feel free to contact us on FB,e-mail,Reddit,INS,etc. We'll reply you in time.

4.Wowgo's development can't leave the customer support and help, in the sincere gratitude and appreciation to you all. Wowgo team insists on customer-oriented,we'll do our best to ensure that our riders can get their boards at the fastest speed.

Finally, thanks again for your support of Wowgo! We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.Wowgo team sincerely wish you and your family all be healthy and safety!

*New shipping cost policy available time:

China time: from 12:00 a.m APR 26,2020

American time: from12:00 p.m APR 25,2020


Wowgo team