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WOWGO was founded in August 2017 by two young entrepreneurs, Jason and Aiden. At the time, they were just two college graduates, working stable jobs, but lacking the passion for their careers that they desired. That all changed one day, when they stumbled upon a young man riding an electric skateboard. The look of pure joy on his face is an image Jason and Aiden will never forget, and it’s one that inspired them to take a step back, and reassess their goals and priorities. It was then, that they realized that life is about more than just working and getting through the day, it’s about enjoying each moment to the fullest. They wanted to somehow ignite joy, passion, and youthfulness in other peoples’ lives, the same way that the young skateboarder ignited theirs. The Result?... WOWGO.

Jason and Aiden started WOWGO from the living room of a shared apartment in crowded Shenzhen. From studying the mechanics of a skateboard, to polishing their first electric prototype, to the hours spent test riding, they worked tirelessly fine tuning their craft. After months of hard work, the first WOWGO board was completed on September 28th, 2017. The name itself came to be as Jason and Aiden wanted a way to remind e-skaters to look out for surprises as they ride, but also to continue on their journeys.

WOWGO boards are designed with some of the highest quality components on the market. We utilize batteries from Samsung, Panasonic, and Sanyo, high quality 90mm diameter hub-motors, dual drive splash-proof sinusoidal chipboards, and premium Zealous bearings. Each component is a clear reflection of WOWGO’s deep commitment to excellence in both quality and design.

Due to WOWGO’s overwhelming popularity, our company is quickly expanding, however, our original vision and attention to detail remain the same. WOWGO’s mission will always be “to bring joy, passion, and youthfulness into peoples’ lives through the most affordable high-quality electric skateboards on the market.” And there’s no greater satisfaction than knowing our products are built to keep you happy for years to come! 


Josiah :

My Wowgo 2S has allowed me to see places I never would have seen without it. And on the way to these places, I’m having a blast.

Aug 06, 2019


These guys are great.

I bought the 2S, and made some changes:

- Order Paris V2 trucks. (matte black & gold is awesome combo)
- Order bearings (I used BEAR/INGS, gold colour).
- Replace the front truck and bearings
- Replace the rear plate (truck can’t be replaced, with the motor and all)

That’s my 2.1S! Result:
- Your board will be heavier (Paris trucks are heavier than the default trucks)
- However, your board will turn way better. It’s smoother, more agile and feels way safer.
- You have a better understanding of how the board works. As for now, I never stood on a longboard, so doing these changes was useful to understand how the trucks etc work together with the board. Sound obvious, but that’s my experience.

And think about it in Wowgo3:
- They incorporated every aspect mentioned above!

Sweet 🤙


Aug 06, 2019


Shipping to indonesia is free?

Aug 06, 2019

Jeff Hostetter:

I have been skating for over 40 years and love all board sports, particularly long boarding. I am developing a bad hip so started to look into electric skateboards. After quite a bit of research Wowgo rose to the top so I ordered one of yours.

I received my Wowgo a week ago and I can not stop riding it. I am super impressed. This board is intelligently designed, well built and is so smooth to ride. It carves nicely, has lots of power for hills and has excellent braking. The amount of technology in this board is impressive and far exceeded my expectations. I don’t think Tesla could have developed a better board!

The main thing that originally attracted me to Wowgo was your story and website. I love to see people pursue their passion with such excellence. You have that and it shows. From the content and UX of the website, to the design and craftsmanship of the board, to the inventory and value of items available in store, to the letter I received with my board, you are doing a fantastic job with your company. It makes me want to invest. Please keep up the hard work and stick to your marketing plan. High quality, high value!!!

Aug 06, 2019


Just sent you guys an email. Hoping you guys respond and agree. It would be a dream come true!

Aug 06, 2019

MItz P:

Hi from Mitz in denmark :)
i am so crazy about WowGO bought my WowGo 2S (38 ") that i bought on Nov 23, 2018 and have driven over 1000km + in cph,
love it
But now with a broken hand
it should not hold one back;)

Aug 06, 2019

Mitch Kaplan:

Hi, I have had your board for around 8 months now and love it, however, I cannot ride it anymore due to screws falling out. The screws on one of the back hub motors that hold the wheel in place have fallen out so there is only one left, and that one keeps falling out because of the vibrations when riding it. I can’t find only the screws for sale anywhere on the website… could somebody help me find a way to get these replacement screws?


Mitch Kaplan

Aug 06, 2019

Martin Klasterka:

Hi WowGo Team,

I am interested in your new All Terrain board and have a few questions:

the board will be shipped with the new rear truck?

shipment time to Germany?

any tax or import duties on top of the asked price?

in case of technical issues, any service in Germany / Europe?

possibility to change batteries during the ride (to extend range)?

Tank you for your swift reply


Aug 06, 2019

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