Wowgo 2s pro electric skateboard reviews - All

Dec 17, 2021

Wowgo 2s pro electric skateboard reviews - All - WOWGO BOARD

1. WowGo 2S Pro Review

Wowgo 2s pro reviewed by Daniel Kwan from



Anyway, like I said in the video, I think this is a good board for only $430.

2.Wowgo 2S Pro Review- the gold standard of budget eskate??

Wowgo 2s pro reviewed by PAXSON LIM from

It seems to me that WowGo knows what they are doing with WowGo 2S Pro. After all, they were the first among the earliest and most reputable budget brands.
When it comes to entry-level boards under $450, Wowgo 2S Pro now replaced the gold standard that was previously set by the WowGo Knight.
The board’s performance definitely matches its competitors, and the ride feel leads the affordable segment. WowGo 2S Pro’s polish is much beyond the asking price.
Simply put, for any rider that wants an entry-level affordable hub board, Wowgo 2s Pro, for now, should be the first consideration...  Read this review


3.WowGo 2S Pro Review – best eskate under $500?

Wowgo 2s pro reviewed by Eric Weigold from e-skateboarder.
The 2S Pro is a welcome successor to the 2S, and it showcases a complete package uncommon in eskate retail. Generally speaking, purchasing a board is often akin to buying a car. You pick a base model, then choose the wheels, battery, drivetrain or color. With the 2S Pro, WowGo is debuting a board that is thoughtfully equipped and ready to ride upon delivery. The price is right, the warranty is great and the brand is established. A premium remote, great braking, solid battery and polished feel add up to a board that we can wholeheartedly recommend! Read this review

 4.WowGo 2S Pro Review

Wowgo 2s pro reviewed by nate from eskate hub

It’s an affordable budget electric skateboard that still delivers great performance.
For first-time buyers and beginners to the eskate hobby, the WowGo 2S Pro is an ideal choice, because you get a great quality and safe electric skateboard without having to fork out an arm and a leg.
You might consider the WowGo 2S Pro the gateway board to eskating.
After all, the original WowGo 2S was my gateway eboard, and you can see how that turned out.
For those who aren’t beginners, I still wouldn’t rule the WowGo 2S Pro out.
It’s a great addition to your current lineup if you need an affordable eboard for commuting or just for something simple to take out for a quick, hassle-free cruise...  Read this review



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