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A classic entry-level hub electric skateboard, running a 12s2p battery, features great power and provides more playability as well as applicability of scenarios.
Wowgo 2S Pro

2S pro is the most powerful electric skateboard at its price, built-in 12S2P cells (due to higher voltage), the U-shaped deck concave locks your feet in position and gives you 45km top speed. Pattern design of trident underneath the deck, going with minimalist style grip tape, which sounds alluring. Whether from its appearance or its performance, it is indeed impeccable.

Built for short distance commute, brand new design has the high speed stability of longboard while the operability of a short board.
Wowgo MINI 2

Mini 2 is an electric skateboard that is built for short distances. It's so exquisite. Lock your feet snugly into place for a better foot experience. Meet the flexibility at low speed and stability at high speed with this Mini 2 Bat Truck (Designed by Wowgo). The pre assembled brake pad that fits into the bottom side of the tail will surely add a splash of fun to your life. The portability of picking up and moving an electric board is suitable for any travel conditions.

It's a high-performance belt-driven electric skateboard, powerful motors and a good shock absorption effect that makes you comfortable riding.
Wowgo 3x

Most importantly, it’s equipped with ultra great motor which gives you the capability of instant acceleration, which will definitely knock the socks off your friends. With a high elasticity deck, you will not feel any shocks on irregularities like small holes and bumps, which makes the ride on such terrain comfortable, going with high elastic PU wheels, it can absorb most of the bumps, providing better shock absorption. An electric skateboard provides a combination of performance and comfort.

Currently the most classical and basic all-terrain longboard among all-terrain skateboards.(The all-terrain skateboard with the most content on Youtube.)
Wowgo at 2

If you are looking for a skateboard with a strong battery that provides long rides and good passability on various roads, then you don’t wanna miss AT2. It's brilliant. It’s well known for being excellent across all terrains, not an issue for riding on rough or even road. Its flex deck and battery can absorb buffets from bumps in the road, making the riding experience more comfortable with extremely smooth acceleration and braking. It's the perfect pick for a long ride.

Wowgo 2S Pro

Shoted by Martin Radnev

Wowgo 3x

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