WWelcome to wowgo electric skateboards, our electric skateboards are perfect as gifts for best friends, husbands, teenagers and anyone with a passion for sport. We would like to give you some advice on hesitation, budget and ease of travel when you choose them as a gift.
In addition, we want your electric skateboard journey to be safe and enjoyable. May you and your buddy be full of enthusiasm and passion on the go


Pick Wowgo High Performance Electric Skateboards


Why Pioneer? 6 years of continuous innovation, the 4th iteration of Wowgo Skateboard. No need to worry, the Pioneer X4Pioneer 4 still maintain the most stable ride at high speeds. The Pioneer range features a 40.9in longboard, which gives the most comfortable balance when starting and braking.

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Pick Wowgo Best Entry-level Electric Skateboards. Under $500!


The best gift under $500 for your boys. The WOWGO 2S MAX & WOWGO 3X are the right choice as your first electric skateboard. These two skateboards have everything you need to get around: speed, range and carving, and are perfect for the beginner & students.

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Pick Wowgo All-terrain/off-road Electric Skateboard


AT2 & AT2 plus are brilliant. Excellent across all terrains, not an issue for riding on rough or even road. Flex deck and battery can absorb buffets from bumps in the road, making the riding experience more comfortable with extremely smooth acceleration and braking. It's the perfect pick for a long ride.

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Pick Wowgo Lightweight & Portable Electric Skateboard


Real range 15 miles, top speed 40kph, whole weight 15.32 lb, a U-deck, a tail, all these figures are gathered in the MINI2. It's like a mischievous teenager with every imaginable passion for skateboarding.

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