WowGo 2S Pro--Electric Skateboard Review

Jun 02, 2021

WowGo 2S Pro--Electric Skateboard Review - WOWGO BOARD

The WowGo 2S Pro is an amazing, budget-friendly, beginner electric skateboard that will leave you never wanting to walk or drive ever again. For an eboard of this price, it has great performance specs, is built with top-quality components and rides like a premium eboard.

I have a little bit of a soft spot for WowGo because they are the company that I bought my very first electric skateboard from. 

In fact, I had the original WowGo 2S. It was my first ever electric skateboard review so if you go back to read or watch it, it’s a bit cringe. Please be nice.

wowgo 2S Pro electric skateboard & Longboard

The WowGo 2S Pro feels like a WowGo product.

What I mean by this, is that it is so well designed, that the product feels effortless. It doesn’t have, nor need, all the bells and whistles, yet it still delivers an amazing riding experience.

And the price?

Well, that’s where it gets even more exciting.

It’s only $430. So, technically, it sits in the budget electric skateboard category, but its performance doesn’t feel like a budget eboard.

I want to first dive into the performance tests, then we’ll come back and take a closer look at the specs and features of the WowGo 2S Pro.

Range Test

The range I got on my first ride was 21.8km which is 13.5 miles.

I’m 90kg and I floated around 35kmh or 21mph for most of the time in speed mode 3, only bumping it into Turbo mode to do the hill climb test and the top-speed test.

The roads were smooth and mostly flat, but I did slow down and accelerate a lot as I navigated my way through a small neighbourhood.

With the specced range to be between 24-28km, I’m quite impressed that I got 21km with my riding style and weight.

Lighter riders, and those who will be riding more conservatively will easily hit the specced range.

Top Speed Test

The spec sheet for the WowGo 2S Pro says that the Top speed is 40kph (25mph), however, when you max the throttle on the remote while the board is upside down, the motors can hit a theoretical speed of 42kph (26mph).

Out on the ride, I managed to hit 41kmh which now looking back at the graph may have been on a slight decline. But I repeatedly hit 37kmh without trying and I feel like I never really maxed out the throttle.

Acceleration Test

The thing we need to remember about the WowGo 2S Pro is that it is a hub motor board and has a Hobbywing ESC

Considering both of those components typically have lower power in comparison to belt-drives, I think the WowGo 2S Pro does a really good job of keeping up.

The acceleration is hard, yet I never felt I was going to be thrown off when I braced myself properly.

However, if you forget to prepare yourself for take-off, you will end up on your backside.

If you’re a beginner eSkater, or even a seasoned veteran, make sure you get yourself some decent protective gear, because a fall is inevitable and you want to make sure you don’t hurt yourself too bad so you can get back up and keep eskating.

wowgo 2S Pro electric skateboard & Longboard

Braking Test

The same goes for the braking.

They’ll bring you to a complete stop within a safe distance, but they aren’t strong enough to kick you forward, especially if you’re ready for it.

Like I always say, in every video, only ride as fast as your brakes will be able to stop you.

If you’re in a built up area with lots of people around, slow down, cruise and always be prepared for someone to walk out in front of you. It happens all the time.

Then when you get out to an open stretch of road, let it rip…

…as much as your local eskate laws will allow.

wowgo 2S Pro electric skatebaord & Longboard

Hill Climb Test

The WowGo 2S Pro really impressed me on the hill climb test. I threw it into Turbo mode and climbed one of my favourite hills in the area.

It has an average of 8.1% incline with the steepest part being 12%.

The average speed up the hill was 24kmh. It slowed down to about 20kph (12.4mph) as it reached the steepest part of the hill, then maxed out at 27.7kph (17.2mph) toward the top where it only flattened out slightly.

I’m really happy with the hill climbing ability of the 2S Pro, especially considering it is a hub motor electric skateboard.

Features and Specs

I want to start by quickly talking about the overall aesthetic of the WowGo 2S Pro.

They have based the design after the Greek God Poseidon, and inparticular, his trident.

You can see the awesome artwork of the trident underneath the deck. And there is a small figure of the trident on the nose of the deck which I think is just a nice little touch.

It has their tagline ‘Passion On The Go’ in the centre of the grip tape and also engraved into the deck underneath. It looks great and is one of my favourite looking decks out there at the moment.

wowgo 2S Pro electric skatebaord & Longboard

As for the specs, it is a 38” maple/bamboo/fibreglass composite deck with a slight concave.

It’s a great feeling standing on this board. It’s rigid, yet it has some flex when you bounce on it.

The flex absorbs the unexpected bumps in the road, but it doesn’t get the trampoline-like affect, it stays solid. It gave me so much confidence to be able to ride around at high speeds without getting any speed wobbles.

wowgo 2S Pro electric skatebaord & Longboard

This is complemented by the 50°, 8-inch trucks installed with 85A bushings which allow you to control the board with precision. Every movement you make with your feet is reflected predictably in the deck. So you always know what’s going on underneath your feet.

The wheels are 90mm 78A with a contact area of 54mm which is a standard, yet good set of wheels.

They have solid traction going around corners at speed and stick to the ground when carving.

They are a big confidence boost.

And I am really hoping that Cloudwheels release a set of donuts for the WowGo 2S Pro sometime soon!

wowgo 2S Pro electric skatebaord & Longboard

For the electronics, it’s running a 12S2P 224.64Wh battery with 18650 cells and a 40A max output, powering dual 500W hub motors.

To control everything, it’s got a Hobbywing ESC which is super smooth.

There was none of that jolting or motor jittering and it made me feel really confident on the board. I always felt in control which is really important.

wowgo 2S Pro electric skatebaord & Longboard

The remote is easy to use, displays important information on the LED screen and generally feels comfortable in the hand.

My favourite feature is the auto on/off. All you have to do is turn the remote on and the board automatically turns on and connects to the remote. No more awkwardly bending over to flip the deck, struggling to find the power button, none of that. Just turn the remote on and go.

There’s 4 speed modes, 1, 2, 3 and Turbo. Plus Reverse. However, there’s no cruise control. Not that it’ll be missed. Not by me anyway, I never seem to use it. Do you? Let me know in the comments below if cruise control is something you use often.

wowgo 2S Pro electric skatebaord & Longboard

Final Thoughts

Overall, I love the WowGo 2S Pro.

It’s an affordable budget electric skateboard that still delivers great performance.

For first-time buyers and beginners to the eskate hobby, the WowGo 2S Pro is an ideal choice, because you get a great quality and safe electric skateboard without having to fork out an arm and a leg.

You might consider the WowGo 2S Pro the gateway board to eskating.

After all, the original WowGo 2S was my gateway eboard, and you can see how that turned out.

For those who aren’t beginners, I still wouldn’t rule the WowGo 2S Pro out.

It’s a great addition to your current lineup if you need an affordable eboard for commuting or just for something simple to take out for a quick, hassle-free cruise.

wowgo 2S Pro electric skatebaord & Longboard

wowgo 2S Pro electric skatebaord & Longboard

wowgo 2S Pro electric skatebaord & Longboard


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