Navigating Those Tight Corners: Electric Longboard Edition

Aug 18, 2023

Navigating Those Tight Corners: Electric Longboard Edition - WOWGO BOARD

Hey eSkaters! We all love the thrill of zipping around on our electric longboards, but let's be real – those sharp turns can be a bit of a challenge, especially when you're cruising at top speed. The secret sauce? It's all in the trucks. Let's dive into the world of electric longboarding and master those tight turns like a pro.

1. Truck Tightness: The eSkater's Dilemma

We've all been there:

  • Too Loose: You're cruising, feeling the wind in your hair, but then a slight wobble reminds you of the dangers of loose trucks, especially when you're gunning the throttle.

  • Too Tight: You try to carve a corner, but your board's like, "Nah, not today." Over-tightened trucks can be a buzzkill.

The trick? Find that sweet spot where your board listens to every command.

2. The eSkater's Guide to Perfect Truck Tightness

  • Lay your board down and hop on.
  • Try some side-to-side action. If it feels more like jelly or a stubborn mule, it's time for some adjustments.

3. Tweak It Right

  • Grab your trusty skate tool or wrench.
  • A little clockwise action tightens things up, while going counter-clockwise gives you a looser feel.
  • After each tweak, take a quick spin. Feel the difference, and adjust until it's just right.

4. The Electric Difference

  • Motor Talk: Hub-driven or belt-driven, each has its quirks. Make sure your truck adjustments don't mess with your motor's mojo.

  • Battery Vibes: That battery isn't just for power; it affects your board's balance. Keep that in mind when carving those corners.

  • Remote Hacks: Some remotes let you play with turning sensitivity. Dive into those settings and make them work for you.

5. Safety, But Make It Stylish

Look, we all want to show off our skills, but safety is still king. Rock that helmet and those pads. And when you're tweaking your board, test it in a chill spot, away from the chaos.


Alright, eSkaters, there you have it. With a bit of tweaking and a whole lot of practice, you'll be carving those tight corners like a boss. Remember, it's all about the ride, the vibe, and those perfectly tuned trucks. Stay electric and ride on! 🛹⚡

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