Buy Once, Trust for the Longest time

Sep 27, 2023

Buy Once, Trust for the Longest time - WOWGO BOARD

In today's fast-buy culture, it's hard to find products that are built to last. A lot of brands, with their short warranties, give the impression their products might not stick around. But at WowGoBoard, we're all about playing a different game.

Setting the New Norm

While the industry standard often caps warranties at a mere 6 months, we've made a conscious choice to diverge. Why? Because we believe in our products, and we believe in giving you more than what you'd expect. When you buy from WowGoBoard, you're not just purchasing an electric skateboard; you're investing in our promise of quality and durability. That's why we're excited to offer you a 9-month warranty as a standard.

But what does this extended warranty really mean for you?

  1. Confidence in Purchase: Knowing that your product is backed by a longer-than-average warranty assures you of its superior quality. It means fewer worries about unexpected repairs or replacements.

  2. Value for Money: Extended warranties translate into savings. In the rare instance that you face any issues within the warranty period, you're covered. No unexpected costs or hassles.

  3. Trust in Our Brand: This isn't a marketing gimmick. We are extending our warranty because we're confident in the craftsmanship and integrity of our electric skateboards.

Beyond the Standard

For those who're looking for an even longer comfort blanket, we have something in store for you too. Dive into our extended warranty options available at a very nominal fee. This isn't just about extending a period on paper; it's about extending your peace of mind.

Who We Are

We are WowGoBoard, and we're not just another electric skateboard company. We're a brand built on trust, innovation, and a commitment to our community. Every skateboard that rolls out of our facility is a testament to our dedication to quality, performance, and most importantly, our users. When you ride a WowGoBoard, you're not just cruising on a board; you're experiencing the pinnacle of electric skateboard technology.

In Conclusion

Why settle for the ordinary when the best is within reach? With WowGoBoard, every ride is an assurance of our quality and your trust. Experience the best, because, after all, you deserve nothing less.

Happy riding!


Note: The 9-month warranty is exclusive to new purchases only.

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