WowGo 3X--Electric Skateboard Review

Dec 17, 2021

WowGo 3X--Electric Skateboard Review - WOWGO BOARD

1.Wowgo 3X Review 

Wowgo 3X reviewed by Daniel from
WowGo company launched a new model of the WowGo 3X electric longboard last year, and we could say that this model has become a very strong competitor in the field of electric longboards almost overnight. We will certainly hear a lot about it as a „hit of this season“. It is the successor of the bestseller WowGo 3 – a high-quality board at a relatively low price – which got all the positive reviews.

2. Wowgo releases Wowgo 3X

Wowgo 3X reviewed by 
When a big brand like Wowgo released a product, we are compelled to notice it. More so, when the product is an extension of an already successful product. This is precisely the case with the launch of Wowgo 3X, a welcome addition to the electric belt longboard market....  Read this review

3. The WowGo 3X is a great commuter electric skateboard

Wowgo 3X reviewed by ESKATE HUB

The WowGo 3X is a great commuter electric skateboard that looks, feels and even sounds like a premium electric skateboard.

Because the 3X is powered by dual belt-drives which means it comes with the added maintenance of belts, however, it makes up for it with more grunt than its brother, the WowGo 3.

It has a flexy deck to give you a comfortable ride and features the renowned Paris trucks that give you a true longboard feeling.

It’s a great board for anyone wanting to commute to work or school while getting your blood rushing with the acceleration that only a belt-driven eboard can provide.


 4.WowGo 3X Electric Longboard Review: Should you Buy it?

Wowgo 3X reviewed by eboardsadvisor

After discussing every important part of this electric longboard, I feel that the improvements implemented gives a bit more of a challenge to any direct competitor.

Compared with the Go 3 model, there is really not much of a difference. However, these are the main ones:

  • It is noticeable the torque delivered by the driven belt motors – It will have a better acceleration for sure.
  • The deck is less flexible, which for a longboard perspective, would be ideal (at least me and other skaters will appreciate).
  • Lastly, the price. It is only $150 dollars more. If you are more into acceleration, go for the 3X; if that is not a deal breaker, stay with the 3 version.

Overall, this review has shown that the WowGo 3X electric longboard does not disappoint and surely will be a headache for some other manufacturers.

..  Read this review

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