What should you do when you recieve you new board?

Dec 01, 2023

What should you do when you recieve you new board? - WOWGO BOARD
  1. Introduction
  2. Inspect the Board
  3. Test the Motors
  4. Adjust the Trucks
  5. Safety First - Wear a Helmet


Electric skateboards are an exciting mode of transportation, offering speed and convenience. However, when you receive your electric skateboard, it's crucial to follow a checklist to ensure a smooth and safe riding experience. Here's what you should do:


Inspect the Board

Check the appearance of the board for any damage or defects.
Verify the quantity of accessories included in the package.
If anything is broken or missing, promptly contact WowGo via email at

Test the Motors

Turn the board upside down.
Connect the remote to the board.
Use the throttle to speed up the motor through different gears (1, 2, 3, 4).
This allows you to personally check if the board is functioning correctly, providing insight into its power and performance.
WowGo generally tests the board before shipping, but this step ensures your peace of mind.


Adjust the Trucks

Begin riding at a speed you can control to get familiar with the board.
Adjust the tightness of the trucks based on your riding style and skill level.
Use the T-tool included in the package to make adjustments.
For higher speeds, tighten the trucks, especially the rear one. For carving, consider loosening the trucks for better maneuverability.

wowgo mini 2s

Safety First - Wear a Helmet

Always wear a helmet when riding the electric skateboard.
Safety is a top priority, and wearing a helmet significantly reduces the risk of injury.
This is a non-negotiable rule that ensures your well-being while enjoying the thrill of electric skateboarding.

In summary, a comprehensive inspection, motor test, and thoughtful adjustments to your riding preferences are essential when you receive your electric skateboard. By following these steps and prioritizing safety with a helmet, you set the foundation for a fantastic and secure riding experience.

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