How To Corner & Carve Like a Pro?

Oct 25, 2023

How To Corner & Carve Like a Pro? - WOWGO BOARD


  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding the Basics:Trucks & Bushings
  3. Experimenting with Surf Adapters
  4. Considering a Board Swap
  5. The Golden Rule: Practice Makes Perfect
  6. Tips that you'll definitely find useful
  7. Conclusion


There's an unmistakable joy in zipping through city streets on your electric longboard, like the popular Wowgo's 2s Max. However, every urban explorer might hit a roadblock when it comes to maneuvering sharp corners. Before you consider trading your longboard for a kicktail skateboard, there are a few tips and tricks to make your longboard more flexible and adaptable.


Understanding the Basics:Trucks & Bushings

Firstly, get to know your longboard's hardware. The trucks, or the metal components connecting the wheels to the board, play a crucial role in maneuverability. By loosening these, especially the front ones, your longboard can negotiate sharper turns. But beware, this adjustment requires a new balance as the board becomes more responsive to your movements.

Similarly, bushings, the rubber-like components within the trucks, influence your turning radius. Switching to softer bushings can facilitate easier turns. Remember, any mechanical changes should be made gradually, with comfort and safety at the forefront.

 Truck and bushing


Experimenting with Surf Adapters

Surf adapters can significantly enhance your longboard's maneuverability. This innovative component offers a surf-like feel to your ride, providing an unmatched level of agility. Brands like Waterbourne are heralded within the longboarding community for their exceptional surf adapters.

Note: As the brand, we do not recommend any disassembly or modification, as this requires professional knowledge and skill. The information provided is solely for reference purposes.


Considering a Board Swap

If adjustments still don't provide the desired control, a board swap might be the way to go. A smaller deck, such as the WowGo Mini 2S kicktail deck, could offer the added maneuverability you're looking for. However, this could also mean sacrificing some range and speed. 


The Golden Rule: Practice Makes Perfect

Lastly, never underestimate the power of practice. Navigating sharp corners with grace comes with time. By learning to anticipate your path and lean into your turns, you can drastically enhance your riding experience. As one user on an electric skateboard forum wisely put it, "look at where you want to go."

Tips that you'll definitely find useful

Basic Carving Techniques

  • Leading Arm: The host emphasizes the importance of using your leading (front) arm to point in the direction you wish to carve. This aligns your upper body, making it easier for your hips and the board to follow.

Stance and Balance

  • Knee Bend: For a stable ride, riders should bend their knees to lower their center of gravity.
  • Foot Position: The host suggests keeping your weight over the balls of your feet when initiating a carve.

Speed and Control

  • Constant Speed: Maintaining a constant speed is key to executing clean carves and corners.
  • Path and Environmental Awareness: Looking ahead and being aware of your surroundings is crucial for maintaining control and balance.

Wheel Choices for Different Surfaces

  • AT/ Semi-AT Wheels vs. Street Wheels: The typical 80-90mm wheels provide more grip than AT wheels. Choosing the right wheel is important depending on the type of carving or cornering you plan to do.


  • Maintain Speed: It's crucial to maintain a steady speed when going through larger bends.
  • Visual Focus: Look through the corner, not just at the ground, to keep your momentum.
  • Body Posture: Lowering your body weight increases control and makes it easier to handle the skateboard.

Technical Aspects

  • Risk of Sliding: High-speed carving and cornering have a higher risk of sliding. Your choice of wheels (all-terrain vs. street wheels) affects this.

Group Riding

  • Line Maintenance: In a group setting, it's important to hold your line during corners for everyone's safety. 

Off-Road Riding

  • Terrain: Riding on grass, gravel, and dirt offers different challenges and requires anticipation of less traction.
  • Body Position: Being prepared for slides by crouching down can offer better control over unexpected movements.


Electric longboards are incredible tools for urban commuting. But they require a level of skill and understanding to unlock their full potential. Whether it's adjusting the hardware, switching the deck, or perfecting your turns through practice, the key is to enjoy the journey. The urban jungle is yours to explore.

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