Maximizing Performance: The Benefits of High Voltage Batteries in Electric Skateboards

Jun 26, 2023

Maximizing Performance: The Benefits of High Voltage Batteries in Electric Skateboards - WOWGO BOARD


  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding the High Voltage Battery
  3. Why High Voltage? Unpacking the Advantages
  4. Enhanced Durability: The Hidden Benefit
  5. Conclusion



In the world of electric skateboards, the thrill of the ride is directly tied to the power at your disposal. Beyond just raw speed, power impacts everything from acceleration to efficiency. At the core of this power lies the battery system—the unsung hero that holds the key to unlocking the true potential of your electric skateboard.


Understanding the High Voltage Battery

One prominent example of a high-voltage battery system is the 12S2P configuration. In battery terminology, '12S' indicates that 12 cells are connected in series, resulting in a higher overall voltage. This high-voltage battery setup is rapidly becoming the standard for achieving superior performance in electric skateboards, owing to the substantial advantages it offers.


Why High Voltage? Unpacking the Advantages

  • Torque and Acceleration

The high voltage provided by the 12S system translates into an abundance of power delivered to the motors, resulting in significantly increased torque. This directly influences the acceleration of the skateboard, delivering a more responsive and quicker ride from the very moment you kick-off.

  • High Speed

With the extra power from the high voltage system, the motors can draw more energy from the battery, enabling them to attain higher rotational speeds. This can make a dramatic difference to the top speed of the board, injecting an electrifying adrenaline rush into your ride.

  • Greater Efficiency

Higher voltage systems can also lead to greater efficiency. The skateboard's motors can run at higher speeds at lower currents for the same power output. Lower currents mean less energy is lost as heat, increasing the efficiency of the entire system.


Enhanced Durability: The Hidden Benefit

High voltage systems like the 12S not only offer improved performance but also contribute to greater durability of the electric skateboard.

  • Less Voltage Sag

Voltage sag — a drop in electrical voltage when demand exceeds supply — can hamper performance, especially during high-speed runs or steep climbs. For example, compared to typical budget friendly boards that are using 10S configuration, the WowGo 2S Max uses a 12S high voltage system to have more electrical 'pressure' to push the current, helping to maintain consistent performance by reducing voltage sag.

To learn more about voltage sag, please click here to visit the Wikipedia page.

  • Reduced Heat Generation

In electrical systems, resistance in the wires and components generates heat. High voltages reduce the current necessary for the same power output, leading to less heat generated, increasing component longevity and enhancing the reliability of your board.



So, as the electric skateboard industry continues to evolve, keep an eye on the voltage. It's not just a number—it's a key to unlocking an incredible riding experience. As more entry-level boards begin to adopt higher voltage systems, it's becoming increasingly clear that riders don't need to compromise on a powerful, exhilarating ride, even when looking for an affordable option. The future of accessible, everyday electric skateboarding is here—and it's high voltage.

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