Congrats to the Winners of WowGo 3 Giveaway on the WowGo's 2nd Anniversary

Aug 06, 2019

Congrats to the Winners of WowGo 3 Giveaway on the WowGo's 2nd Anniversary - WOWGO BOARD

On behalf of everyone at wowgo, we would like to thank you for being a member of wowgo family. We value the trust you have put in our products and would like to thank you for that.

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of WowGo Board, we hold a wowgo 3 giveaway on this special time.

In the past a few days, we've collected dozens of wonderful videos and blogs through emails, Instagram and facebook, by watching your videos and blogs, we're moved by your passion, we know that you have put hours effort to make a video and blog, that's because you love wowgo so much, we're so glad for that, and we'll do much better to match your love.

The decision is hard for us to make, really, there are dozens of wonderful videos and blogs in front of us, so we decide to ADD one wowgo board for this giveaway. We sincerely hope that everyone can win a wowgo board, that can deserve your hard work for making terrific videos and blogs. However, we still have to make the decision:
Domingo Sarmiento
Thomas Buchrainer
Merlijn Van Der Molen
have won the wowgo 3 giveaway in the wowgo's 2nd anniversary, Congratulations.

an engineer's perspective for wowgo 2s

Domingo Sarmiento posted a very professional technical blog to introduce how he knows wowgo, and his 2 years experience with wowgo 2S and how he considers Wowgo even today the best option when it comes to the budget eboards. He thinks that when wowgo launch 3S with belt motors keeping the price fair and fix the issue with delivering time that usually Chinese manufacturers have, wowgo will shake the market and western companies will go into bankruptcy if they don't adapt quickly. Let’s see what will happen when wowgo launch 3S belt motos on 1st September, thanks so much for Domingo’s blog, and here is his post address:

Thomas shoots a video about her litter girl ride on his wowgo mini skateboard, the video was so warm that every father has a daughter can feel his happiness when her daughter rides wowgo with him together, now your dream come true, Thomas. Your daughter and you can ride together, God bless this happy family. 

Merlijin posted a video with his housemate together and they made lots of quick shots in the video. They have bonded together through their common love for e-skating, their video gets more than 5.6k views on youtube is one of the most viewed #wowgo2ndanniversary videos in this activity. A fly in the ointment in the video is one of them didn’t wear a helmet, which is dangerous, we hope wowgo family wear a helmet when you go with wowgo, safety is a priority! Warm suggestions, Merlijin and your housemate, please wear helmets next time, thanks.

Each of the winners will get a brand new wowgo 3 electric board for free, we will contact you soon.

For those who haven't won in this giveaway campaign don't be frustrated, wowgo will hold another giveaway soon, stay tuned!

Thank you for your terrific videos and blogs again, thank you for being a member of wowgo family. Thank you for your continuous support and attention, love you all!

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