Top 10 Surprising Ways Electric Skateboard Can Change Your Life

May 20, 2023

Top 10 Surprising Ways Electric Skateboard Can Change Your Life - WOWGO BOARD


  1. Introduction
  2. Enhancing Personal Well-being
  3. Fostering Social Connections
  4. Exploring Urban Landscapes
  5. Additional Benefits
  6. Conclusion


Electric Skateboards (or e-boards) provide a versatile transportation option that is redefining how people get around. As e-boards continue to improve in range, performance, and style, they are transforming our lives in unexpected ways. Here are the top 10 surprising benefits of electric skateboarding and how it can positively impact the way we live.

Enhancing Personal Well-being

  • Boost Physical Health: E-boarding provides an enjoyable cardio workout. Riding an electric skateboard gets your heart rate up and provides excellent full-body exercise. E-boarding can be a fun way to build endurance, improve balance, and strengthen your core muscles.
  • Improve Mental Health and Reduce Stress: Gliding on an electric skateboard helps clear your mind and reduces anxiety and worry. It provides a meditative experience that helps boost your mood and calm your nerves. Riding an e-board releases dopamine which makes you feel good and improves your overall well-being.
  • Increase Productivity: Using skate boards for short commutes means less time waiting for transit and more time to work or do other activities. E-boarding can save you up to an hour per day, giving you more time to accomplish your goals and be more productive. You can work, make calls or enjoy your favorite music during a ride.

Fostering Social Connections

  • Meet New People and Make New Friends: Sharing your passion for electric skateboarding with others will lead to new connections and friendships built over long rides and city exploring. You'll bond over the thrill of discovery and the adventures you share on two skateboard wheels.
  • Strengthen Bonds with Family and Friends: E-boarding together provides an opportunity for quality bonding time with the people you care about most. Making memories on two wheels will bring you closer together through the shared experience of the ride. Electric skateboarding is a fun, engaging activity for all ages and skill levels.

Exploring Urban Landscapes

  • Discover the City and Hidden Gems: Riding an e-board opens up more opportunities to explore your local city, towns, and hidden neighborhoods you never knew existed. You'll stumble upon exciting new places and enterprises like secret cafes, unique shops, scenic walking trails, and hidden green spaces. E-boarding allows you to rediscover your community and see it from a new perspective.
  • Customize Your Commute: Want to avoid traffic or take a scenic route? With electric skateboards, every ride is an adventure that you get to craft. You can go anywhere at your own pace following any path you choose. Try out bike lanes, and rail trails, or just ride freely down empty streets. There are no limits to where your ride can take you.

Additional Benefits

  • Learn New Skills and Perform Tricks: Some skateboards are designed for stunts, tricks, and off-roading. If you want to push the limits of your riding skills, an e-board allows you to learn slides, spins, and other techniques for an exhilarating riding experience. You can start with the basics like shuvit, heelside, and noseslides, and progress to laser flips, tricky tailslides and backwards riding over time with enough practice. If you don't know how to fall off without hurting, read our blog here.
  • Save Money and Reduce Environmental Impact: Electric skateboarding is an affordable, sustainable transportation option that provides exercise without the high costs of gym memberships or the environmental impact of car emissions. E-boards produce zero direct emissions and are less expensive to fuel and maintain compared to a vehicle. By e-boarding, you can lower your carbon footprint, reduce pollution and spend less money on gas, insurance, repairs, and registration fees.
  • Express Personal Style: There are Electric skate boards for every style and fashion preference. From sleek and lightweight designs to robust, high-performance selections, there's an electric skateboard waiting to mirror your distinctive personality and flair. Personalize your deck, skateboard wheels, helmet, attire, and additional gear to create an e-board that embodies your individual essence. Whether you choose to make a daring statement with your style or prefer understated touches that reveal your true character, the electric skateboard world caters to your every desire.


Whether you're looking to get fit, reduce stress or just have more fun getting around, an electric skateboard can positively transform your life in amazing ways. The possibilities with e-boarding are endless. Enjoy the ride and embrace all the exciting changes a skateboard can bring!

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