"Find Your Negative 25" with WowGo!

Jul 19, 2023

"Find Your Negative 25" with WowGo! - WOWGO BOARD
We're inviting all WowGo riders to share videos of their electrifying rides. whether you're Urban Commuting, Recreation and Sports, Campus Transportation, Tourism and Sightseeing, or Off-Road Adventures, etc.

Capture these moments and stand a chance to win our grand prize, a MINI 2S 90 mm wheels version, or one of ten $30 gift cards! Winners will be chosen by random draw.

Campaign period: July 19 - August 31.
Winner announcement: September 8.

How to Enter:

1. Film or snap a photo of your adventure where your WowGo board is clearly visible.
2. Tag our official account @wowgoboard in your post.
3. Include the hashtags #wowgo #wowgoboard #wowgonegative25 in your caption.

Embark on your journey of self-discovery, adventure, and thrilling rides, capturing the "quintessence of Life" through your lens. We can't wait to see your "Negative 25". Good luck, and happy riding!

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