WowGo Overseas Repair Center Is Available Now!

Dec 15, 2020


I am pleased to inform you that the WowGo overseas repair center is ready!

Here is the process:

1. When there are any manufacturing defects with the product you received during the warranty period, please contact or You must provide your order number and some information on your product, such as photos or videos. When we confirm that your product meets the warranty status, we will provide you with a prepaid express label.

2. When you need to send your board to the overseas repair center, please pack your product in a sturdy box to ensure it will not get damaged during shipment.
You can then contact the shipping company to arrange delivery.

3. When our repair center receives your product, we will fix it within a week and make arrangements to return it. A tracking number will be provided.

*The repair center is located in Texas, USA. Currently, only customers in the continental  US are covered


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