WowGo AT2 Review - The most cost-effective all-terrain skateboard

Dec 17, 2021

WowGo AT2 Review - The most cost-effective all-terrain skateboard - WOWGO BOARD

1. WowGo AT2 Review

This review is written by Eskate Hub

The WowGo AT2 is an amazing all-terrain electric skateboard that is built for off-road riding. It also doubles as a comfortable commuter eboard for those looking for a more enjoyable form of transport to work or school. Read the full review

2. WowGo AT2 Review | Still the BEST ALL-TERRAIN Board?

This review by Turtle Hosein from


The AT2 build quality is amazing for the most part. I had some issues with the inserts and I will talk more about that later, but overall the build quality is impressive. When I first saw it, I never once thought it looked cheap; in reality it looks very polished and pristine.

Read the full review.

3. WowGo AT2 Review

This was reviewed by Daniel Kwan from

The WowGo AT2 is the AT board I prefer to use right now and is, in my personal opinion, the best AT board under $2000 at this time. With the pneumatic wheels, standby mode, and flexible drive ratio configuration, it raises the bar and sets a new benchmark for AT boards around the $1000 price point. Read the full review.


4. Wowgo AT2 Review – One more shot, did it count?

This was reviewed by PAXSON LIM from

The Wowgo team deserves a pat on their back for the AT2; it has respectable specs and it has a top-notch feel to back it up. For those who have strong feelings against Evolve, this is the board to get. For those who don’t have strong feelings against Evolve, this might still be a better choice after considering Hobbywing ESC gives you better overall control and smoothness, and the smart-turn-on feature is huge. Read the full review.




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