A Year Later – why the Wowgo 2s Max is still the best entry-level electric skateboard in 2023

Jun 20, 2023

A Year Later – why the Wowgo 2s Max is still the best entry-level electric skateboard in 2023 - WOWGO BOARD

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  1. Introduction
  2. The Wowgo 2s Max: A Retrospective
  3. Wowgo 2s Max in 2023: Still Ahead of the Curve
  4. Riding the Wowgo 2s Max: A Timeless Experience
  5. Wowgo 2s Max – still the best affordable electric skateboard in 2023



Much like smartphones, most budget brands refresh their electric skateboards every year. This year, we have the Backfire Era 2, the Meepo V5 and V3s, and the Maxfind M5 Pro.

We’ve reviewed all of these boards, and in this article, I’m going to tell you why we think that the Wowgo 2s Max, which was released in 2022, remains the best entry-level electric skateboard despite facing competition from much newer models.


The Wowgo 2s Max: A Retrospective

When the Wowgo 2s Max first hit the market in 2022, it set a new standard for budget electric skateboards. Priced at $479, it pushed the boundaries of power and performance for boards in its price range. It was the first budget board that comes with a 12s battery configuration, giving it more power than some of the mid-range ($500-$1000) electric skateboards. It dethroned the Meepo V4S, taking the title of the most potent electric skateboard under $500, thanks to its strong dual 550W hub motors.

Meepo V4S was the strongest affordable electric skateboard before Wowgo 2s Max

But the Wowgo 2s Max wasn’t solely about raw power. It was also a level above its competitors in terms of refinement. While most budget electric skateboard brands had evolved beyond the 2017 practice of merely assembling a board from off-the-shelf parts, slapping on a logo, and calling it a day, the Wowgo team put considerable effort into giving the 2022 Wowgo 2s Max a premium look.


From the looks of the deck to the polishes of the board, the Wowgo 2s Max has a premium look. Nobody would’ve guessed that this is an entry-level electric skateboard. Look at the Wowgo 2s Max and compare them to the Backfire G2 Black or the Ownboard W1s! Yikes!


Wowgo 2s Max in 2023: Still Ahead of the Curve

Fast forward to 2023, and the Wowgo 2s Max is still leading the pack, proving that good design and solid performance never go out of style. Its specs continue to hold their own, even in the face of newer, flashier models.

Here’s a quick comparison of the Wowgo 2s Max with some of its closest competitors in the market today:

  Entry-level Electric Longboard Compare Sheet


As you can see, the Wowgo 2s Max still rocks the biggest battery and is the only board amongst the pack that has a 12s set-up. This also means that, while the 550W motors look middle of the pack, the Wowgo 2s Max actually has the strongest power amongst its competitor in real-world riding.

PS: Let’s appreciate the state of budget electric skateboard right now. When we talk about the “typical” specs for a sub-$500 budget electric skateboard, we were expecting a 10s2p 4AH battery with 10 miles(16km), and 24mph(38 kph) top speed. Now, most of the brand offers boards that exceed those standards while still keeping their price low and the built quality high. Nice!

Throwback: The 2018 Wowgo 2S

Riding the Wowgo 2s Max: A Timeless Experience

What truly sets the Wowgo 2s Max apart is not just its impressive specs but also its great ride quality. It uses a 12s Hobbywing ESC, which is the industry standard for perfectly smooth and intuitive speed control. While it’s not as punchy as the Meepos, the smoother acceleration and braking make it a lot more popular and especially ideal for beginners and casual riders.

The Wowgo 2s Max also features a deck with a mild flex, which, combined with its stable trucks, makes for a comfortable ride. While it’s true that road vibrations can be an issue (as is the case with most hub-driven boards), the option to upgrade to 105mm wheels provides a viable solution for a smoother ride on rough roads.

While the Wowgo 2s Max uses non-branded (Wowgo proprietary trucks) trucks, they are not too shabby either. The trucks on the Wowgo 2s Max provide a good balance between stability and responsiveness, making it fun to carve. (More bias towards stability than ease of turning)


Wowgo 2s Max – still the best affordable electric skateboard in 2023

In March 2022, we said that ‘for any rider who wants an entry-level affordable hub board, the Wowgo 2S Max should be the first consideration.’ As of June 2023, that statement remains as true as ever, a no-brainer considering that all the great features of the board remain great, while its price has become slightly cheaper.

Our video review of the Wowgo 2s Max back in 2020.

So if you’re looking for an affordable electric skateboard, the Wowgo 2s Max should still be your first default option. It might not be the newest kid on the block, but it’s certainly one of the best.


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