Fast Shipping From Local WarehouseSUMMER SALE - SAVE UP TO $480 9 Months Warranty on All Boards

Fast Shipping From Local WarehouseSUMMER SALE - SAVE UP TO $480 9 Months Warranty on All Boards

Fast Shipping From Local WarehouseSUMMER SALE - SAVE UP TO $480 9 Months Warranty on All Boards

Fast Shipping From Local WarehouseSUMMER SALE - SAVE UP TO $480 9 Months Warranty on All Boards

Fast Shipping From Local WarehouseSUMMER SALE - SAVE UP TO $480 9 Months Warranty on All Boards


WowGo AT2 Plus is the budget-priced all-terrain electric skateboard to buy

Jul 17, 2023

WowGo AT2 Plus is the budget-priced all-terrain electric skateboard to buy - WOWGO BOARD

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Electric skateboards are a blast no matter what type you’re riding or where you’re doing it. Just having a fast, fun form of transportation in a compact package you can carry under your arm is a feat in and of itself. But off-road electric longboards ratchet up the fun several notches by taking you beyond just cruising the bike paths and out into nature. The WowGo AT2 Plus is an all-terrain e-board that can handle any type of terrain you throw at it, doing so without breaking the bank.

I’ve ridden a lot of off-road electric skateboards and longboards. Sometimes I’ve found boards that have great speed and range specs, and other times I’ve found affordably priced boards. But I’ve rarely seen such a good combination as with the WowGo AT2 Plus.

It’s truly the “I want to ride like the expensive toys while paying a cheap toy price” type of board. This board gives you the capabilities of a higher-end model without the extra crunch on your wallet.

Don’t believe me? Check out my video review below! Or keep reading if you want the nitty-gritty details.

WowGo AT2 Plus video review

WowGo AT2 Plus tech specs

  • Motors: Dual 2,100W peak-rated 5330 belt-drive rear motors
  • Battery: 604 Wh in 12s4p configuration (43.2V 14Ah)
  • Range: 18-27 miles (30-45 km)
  • Top speed: 31 mph (50 km/h)
  • Max hill climb gradient: Up to 30%
  • Weight: 30 lb. (13.6 kg)
  • Price: $1,099
wowgo AT2 Plus electric skateboard

What does this all-terrain electric longboard offer?

The WowGo AT2 Plus isn’t just an all-terrain board. It comes with 120 mm cloud wheels too for those that want a lower ride height and better range on asphalt.

But for riders like me that want the best performance on loose terrain, the 175 mm pneumatic tires are where the fun is at. I had these things flying through grass, dirt, sand, and more.

I was flinging mulch several board lengths as I carved down nature trails, which is something you can only do on a true all-terrain board like this.
wowgo AT2 Plus electric skateboard

But at the same time, returning to the sidewalks and bike lanes shows off that this is still a commuter ready electric skateboard… or technically longboard.

I’ve always enjoyed using all-terrain boards on the asphalt because they roll over potholes and road cracks with ease, unlike smaller PU skateboard wheels that tend to buck around more on the slightest imperfections.

Even carving down neighborhood roads on this board felt perfectly comfortable, no doubt helped by the Canadian maple and bamboo deck that offers supreme springiness and shock absorption.

When it comes to motors, I’ll always prefer hub motors to belt drive due to their silent operation. The belts on the WowGo AT2 Plus are quite audible as they wind up, especially compared to silent hub motors. But it’s hard to ignore all of that beautiful torque.

In the city I don’t really notice the noise. But back out in nature, the sound of the belt drive motors does jam its nose into the experience a bit. Though when you get going really fast, the wind noise at 30 mph will start to overwhelm the motor noise anyway.

I rarely got the board up that fast, not because it couldn’t do it, but rather because I was too much of a wuss to go that fast for too long. I cruise most comfortably at around 20 mph (32 km/h). By the time I’m surpassing 25 mph (40 km/h), I’m starting to get a keen appreciate for my own mortality. This board can hit 31 mph (50 km/h), which is officially fast enough that you can’t run it out if you ever lose control and have to hop off. At 20 mph, you have a prayer of sprinting a couple strides. At 31, you’re a ragdoll along for the ride.

So I can’t tell you how well it handles for extended periods of time at 31 mph. But I can tell you it’s amazingly comfortable at 20 mph and cruises nicely at 25 mph.

wowgo AT2 Plus electric skateboard

When it comes to range, we all know that the numbers can vary considerably.

If you’re riding slower or are a lighter rider, you’ll go farther. High-speed riding from heavier riders sucks up more battery. And hill climbing, that really kills range.

But with a quite large 604 Wh battery, WowGo says you’ll get 18-27 miles (30-45 km) of real-world range. And based on my testing, that fully checks out. I tend to not go crazy on the throttle and so I get the higher end of that range when I’m just doing leisurely cruising at 20 mph (32 km/h). But when I’m riding off-road and going faster, I’ll definitely scrape the lower end of that range too.

Compared to boards with half of this capacity or less, you’re not likely to end your ride sooner than you’d hope for.

wowgo AT2 Plus electric skateboard

There’s also something to be said for the accessories that you get. Many electric skateboards will come with a tool and a spare set of belts. But you also get an air pump, a carry handle, tail lights (rechargeable by USB), belt covers, and a sticker set – if you’re into stickers.

The tail lights are a great feature for those of us that actually ride on the road at night. I’m a big fan of helmets with built-in LED lighting to get some visibility up high where drivers’ heads are, but there’s nothing wrong with ensuring your board is lit up as well to make sure you’re as visible as possible.

For just $1,099, the WowGo AT2 Plus offers some serious performance at a budget price. It’s not the cheapest all-terrain electric longboard out there, but it has more power and a bigger battery than the cheapskates without letting the price tag float too high.

All in all, I’d say WowGo has another winner on its hands.

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