WowGo-2S-Pro-Electric-Skateboard-Longboard - WOWGO BOARD
WowGo-2S-Pro-Electric-Skateboard-Longboard - WOWGO-BOARD-grip-tape
WowGo-2S-Pro-Electric-Skateboard-Longboard - WOWGO-BOARD-front-wheels
WowGo-2S-Pro-Electric-Skateboard-Longboard - WOWGO-BOARD-wheels

WowGo 2S Pro Electric Skateboard & Longboard

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2S PRO, the best entry-level electric skateboard on the market, quality and price.

24 mph -- Top Speed

14-17 miles -- Real Range

12S4p 50.4 V Battery

Smart ON/OFF Control

500W * 2 Motors

2.5~3 h -- Charging Time

30% -- Hill Climbing

17.2 lbs -- Board Weight

331 lbs -- Max load

6 month warranty

-The design of 2S PRO is inspired by Greek mythology--Poseidon” the king of the sea”, and his trident. They are so powerful and charismatic.

2S Pro Deck, made of Canadian Maple + Bamboo + Fiber Glass

 The composite materials provide higher strength and are more suitable for high-speed riding and acceleration.

The deck’s concave cradles your feet for lock-in feeling, and improves maneuverability. With the newly designed Posidon theme and finer grip tape, we upgraded 2S pro’s looks and feeling to create the perfect combination of modern craft and art.

Wowgo-2s- pro-battery-info

12S2P 50.4V Powerful Battery

The newly upgraded battery allows the board to accelerate and provides more torque with smaller output currents. The range increased by 20% (Compared with the 10s2p battery with the same cells), up to 14-17 miles (22.5-27.3km).


The newly upgraded Hobbywing ESC makes the acceleration of each speed mode more smooth, without stuttering. In addition to this, the board can be turned on/off from the remote.

Poseidon 50°Front Truck, 8 Inches Long

Exclusive customized new trucks are smoother at high speed and equipped with 85A bushings, which makes it easier to carve.

New Design Front Wheels

WowGo 2S pro comes with the 90*54mm 78A PU wheels. High rebound wheels provide you with better shock absorption and a more stable riding experience.

New Customized Upgraded Motors

WowGo 2S pro is equipped with the 500W*2 motors which have more torque with smaller input current. The internal structure of the motor has been optimized, meaning the PU sleeves are easier to swap and have less noise issues.

The exclusive customized motor caps make the motors look more advanced and more beautiful.

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