WowGo 2 (38") Electric Skateboard WowGo 2 (38") Electric Skateboard WowGo 2 (38") Electric Skateboard WowGo 2 (38") Electric Skateboard WowGo 2 (38") Electric Skateboard
WowGo 2 (38") Electric Skateboard

WowGo 2 (38") Electric Skateboard

Free Shipping,Best budget E-board in 2018.


Powerful Samsung

6.4 Ah LG

Sanyo 8.5 Ah




About the Electric skateboard

Package contents: 

  • 1 x Completely Assembled WowGo Board
  • 2 x new remote wireless control (the second one is a gift for you)
  • 1 x pair of extra Foam for you to do deck swap 
  • 1 x adapter and charger
  • 1 x T wrench tool for daily maintenance
  • 1 x Hook
  • 1 x Rear LED light



  • Powerful Samsung (4Ah)Battery:10-12 miles(16-19.3 km) 
  • 6.4 Ah Battery:12.5-14 miles(20.5-22.5 km)
  • Sanyo Battery: 16.5-18miles (27-29 km)
  • Measured by Jason (70 kg rider) ,The range is tested always in the Max speed,and the actual range will be affected by road conditions, the rider weight, temperature (via affect battery cell performance) .etc


Speed and Uphill:

  • Slow mode: 7.5 mph(12 Km/h)
  • Medium mode: 14.5 mph (24 Km/h)
  • Fast mode: 22 mph (36 km/h)
  • Uphill: 25-30%

Note: All the Parameters above is measured by Jason(150 pounds rider),Actual performance will be affected by user's weight, road conditions and battery level



  • PU: Improved Durable polyurethane on the motors. It proved to be much more durable.
  • Type: 90mm (3.54inch) diameter hub motor x 2 
  • Rated motor power: Dual motor each 250W
  • Maximum motor power: each 375~500W


Front Wheel 

  • Bearings: Sweden SKF bearings, the famous bearings in the world.
  • Material: PU
  • Size: 3.54x2.08 inches (90x53 mm)
  • Please avoid riding the skateboard on bumpy road and sharp rocks



  • Dual drive sinusoidal electric wave makes the ride smoothly
  • Regenerative brake: recycle the brake energy and reduce energy consumption
  • Smart Turn ON: The WOWGO board can turn on the power switch automatically when you rotate the motor so that it is unnecessary to bend down to press the switch



  • Brand: Samsung / LG
  • Model: 10S2P Lithium battery
  • Nominal voltage: 36V
  • Charging voltage: 42V
  • Rated capacity: 4Ah,  6.4 Ah , Sanyo 8.5 Ah
  • Watt-hour capacity: 158.4 Wh
  • Built-in battery cell: 18650 
  • Weight: 2.23 pounds (1.01kg) 
  • Charge time: 2.5-3 hours with our 2A charger (3.5 hours with the usual charger 1.5A)

Battery can be replaced easily with the tools we provided


Adapter and charger

  • Input: 100~240V 2.5A
  • Output: 42V 2.0A (Faster than the usual charger 42V 1.5A)


Wireless remote control

  • Capacity: 200 mAh
  • Battery type: Lithium battery
  • Charge time: 0.5 hours
  • Type: 2.4G RF Technology

The board moves with remote, regardless if anything is on it or not. So you should turn off the remote when you get down from the skateboard to avoid injury and accidents



  • We adopt the All-metal (Die casting aluminum alloy) Case for WOWGO 2,which are SUPER STRONG So that you dont need to worry about the broken of the case.and it also has a excellent heat dissipation of the ESC since the whole ESC case can be used as  a heat sink.


Skateboard deck

  • Material: 7 layers of maple + 1 layer of bamboo 
  • Deck Type:Concave And Convex
  • Max load: 280 pounds (150 kg)
  • Recommending riding weight is 264 pounds and below
  • This deck is designed to fit in with the arc of human foot, it's easy to control the board with your foot,and you won't feel uncomfortable because of the steep arc of the edge like other concave deck.


Entire skateboard

  • Net Weight: 16.7pounds (7.6 kg)
  • Size: 38.1x9.4x5.5 inches (965x 230x 140 mm)


Water Resistance

  • Do not ride on wet or icy pavement. Riding on wet or icy pavement is extremely dangerous due to the potential for losing traction and control. 
  • The WowGo board has already made a strict water resistance treatment before leaving the factory, but once you start using it or maintenance it or swap batteries the water resistance of the board will be reduced. The water could damage the board and water damage is no covered in warranty.So you should avoid riding the board in the water.



  • Size: 38.7x13.7x7.6 inches (980x 300x 185mm) 
  • Gross weight: 22.7 pounds (10.3 kg)