Paris V2 Front Truck

● Wonderful carving experience, much flexible
● Stable on high Speed

       New Bamboo and Fiber Glass Deck:

      ● Supreme elastic, comfortable to ride
      ● Very strong, it won’t break even if you jump on it
      ● Material:Bamboo+Fiber Glass Deck  
      ● Max load: 280 pounds (150 kg), Recommending riding weight is 264 pounds(120 kg) and below
      ● Wowgo new grip tape on the deck top, and new design on the deck bottom

           New Design Wheel 

          ● Suspension design in structure, Better shock absorption
          ● 90*62mm. 78A Soft PU, More comfortable to ride
          ● Wheel surface is 62mm in Width, More stable at high speed and better grip
          ● Reflective printing on the wheel in the dark
          ● More wearable & durable

              Smart LED Remote

              ● Wheel Control, more comfortable
              ● Smart LED Display: Power on logo, board & battery power, Speed, Speed Gear, direction, Trip, Total Range
              ● All in one button, User friendly
              ● Nice feel material made
              ● Simple and Ergonomic design
              ● Charging time: 0.5 hours
              ● Type: 2.4G RF Technology

                   New Hobbywing ESC:

                  ● New unique turbo mode, fast accelerate to 39km/h top speed, Max Power increase up to 55% on turbo mode
                  ● Water & dust Resistance

                       New Design Case:

                      ● Completely New Wowgo design case
                      ● Smaller in size, make board look more simple and decent
                      ● Effective structure design for ESC cooling
                      ● Material: Plastic, but very strong

                           Powerful Samsung 30Q Battery:

                          ● We adopted the Powerful Samsung Battery which is 1.5 times discharging rate than Samsung 22P cells, it allows you to maintain high speeds, even as your battery is running low.
                          ● Capacity: 6Ah. Charging time: 2~3 hours.
                          ● Max discharging: 30A
                          ● Battery can be replaced easily with the tools we provided.


                               Zealous Bearings

                              ● World-renowned bearing brand
                              ● High precision, high quality, low resistance and no noise
                              ● Much less resistance get extra range


                                  ● Speed:
                                    1 Slow mdoe: 0-12miles/h(0-20km/h)
                                    2 Normal mode: 0-18miles/h(0-30km/h)
                                    3 Fast mode: 0-24miles/h(0-39km/h)
                                    4 Turbo mode: 0-24miles/h(0-39km/h)
                                  ● Hill Climbing: 25-30%
                                  ● Range: 12-14 miles (19-22.5 km)
                                  ● Measured by Aiden (63 kg rider) ,Tested on normal speed mode. Flat and smooth road


                                  ● Net weight: 17.2 pounds ( 7.8kg)
                                  ● Gross weight: 22.7 pounds (10.3 kg)
                                  ● Wowgo board size: 40*11 x 5.5 inches (965 x280 x 140 mm)
                                  ● Package Size:40.6 x 11.8 x 6.3 inches (1030x 300 x 160 mm)


                                      ● 180 days

                                      Package contents:

                                      ● 1 x Completely Assembled WowGo 3 Board
                                      ● 1 x new Smart LED wireless control
                                      ● 2 x replaceable PU tires
                                      ● 1 x pair of extra Foam for you to do deck swap
                                      ● 1 x adapter and charger
                                      ● 1 x T wrench tool for daily maintenance
                                      ● 1 x Hook
                                      ● 1 x Rear LED light