WowGo 3E Review

Jul 01, 2023

WowGo 3E Review - WOWGO BOARD

A perfect blend of comfort, control, and performance. Ideal for beginner and intermediate riders, for commuting or cruising.

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We have the WowGo 3E review today.

The WowGo 3E is an electric skateboard that beautifully marries performance, comfort, and control.

Designed with both beginner and intermediate riders in mind, it offers a smooth and manageable ride that doesn’t compromise on power.

Whether you’re commuting to work, cruising around town, or carving up your local street, the WowGo 3E delivers a ride experience that’s both exhilarating and reassuring.

The WowGo 3E is more than just an electric skateboard, it’s what WowGo like to say is; Passion on the Go.


WowGo 3E Review

Deck and Design

The deck of the WowGo 3E is a nice blend of materials and design features that contribute to a comfortable and enjoyable ride. Measuring 97cm in length, the deck is constructed from Canadian maple, bamboo, and fiberglass.

This combo of materials provides a nice amount of flex, offering a comfortable ride without being overly bouncy.

It is mainly flat along the length of the deck, but has a slightly concave deck, with modest raised edges in the areas where your heels and toes sit.

These raised edges make turning much easier and helps to prevent the foot fatigue you might get on longer rides.

WowGo 3E deck profile with lightly flared edges

One of my favourite features of the WowGo 3E’s deck is its shock-absorbing grip tape. Combined with the natural flex of the deck, it provides excellent shock absorption.

The deck is equipped with bash guards at the nose and tail. These guards help to protect the deck from damage, if you happen to ram into a curb along your ride or simply leaning the board against a wall when it’s not in use.

WowGo 3E shock absorbing grip tape and bash guards

Lastly, it has a carry handle integrated into the deck, making it easy to pick up and carry the board when you’re not riding it. This is handy for commuters who need to carry their board onto public transportation or into buildings.

WowGo 3E carry handle


The WowGo 3E comes equipped with 90mm polyurethane street wheels that have a 62mm contact area and a durometer rating of 78a.

These wheels give a smooth and stable ride, with plenty of shock absorption to handle various road conditions.

The wheels grip the road exceptionally well, particularly around corners. This grip, combined with the board’s responsive deck and trucks, contributes to a secure and confident ride. Even when carving at higher speeds or navigating tighter turns, the wheels maintain their grip, reducing the risk of the board slipping out from under you.

WowGo 3E orange wheels

And the bright orange wheels really pop against the dark grip tape and the underside of the deck, adding a vibrant touch to the board’s overall aesthetic.

For riders who want to take their WowGo 3E off the beaten path, there’s also a 105mm urban terrain option.

These larger wheels offer even greater grip and stability, making them a good choice for riding on compact gravel paths or other uneven surfaces. The 105mm wheels can handle bumps and small obstacles with ease, opening up a whole new range of riding possibilities.

I did experience some wheel bite with the 105mm wheels on the front wheels when doing a particularly tight turn, but it only happened once. I was more careful afterwards, and you could install riser pads to get around this if you needed to.

WowGo 3E with 105mm wheels

Trucks and Bushings

The WowGo 3E is equipped with stock standard skate trucks that, while not premium, still deliver a solid performance.

These trucks feature a reverse kingpin setup, a configuration that’s known for its balance between stability and maneuverability.

This setup allows the WowGo 3E to maintain a steady ride at higher speeds while still offering the flexibility needed for carving and making tightish turns. It’s still a longboard after all.

The 90a bushings are on the softer side, which also contributes to the overall comfort of the ride. Softer bushings have more give, which helps to absorb vibrations and smooth out the ride, especially on rougher surfaces.

When carving, they provide a gentle rebound, so it feels great to do long, smooth s-curves down the street, but it requires a little extra work on the riders part to do sharper carves.

WowGo 3E trucks

Battery and Range

The WowGo 3E is powered by a 12S2P 216Wh battery which is marketed to get a range of 13 miles (21 km).

During my test ride, I was able to achieve a distance of 14.91 km, slightly under the marketed range.

However, it’s important to note that several factors can affect the range of an electric skateboard.

In my case, I weigh 194lbs / 88 kg, and the conditions during my ride were quite windy.

The majority of my ride was on paved roads, but I did venture onto gravel and dirt paths to cross from one section of the park to the next (something that the 105mm wheels are handy for).

WowGo 3E range test data

I spent most of the ride in speed mode 3, cruising at around 25kmh, however, I did shift up to gear 4 for a hill test.

Despite not quite reaching the marketed range, I was still impressed with the WowGo 3E’s battery performance. I’ve never hit the marketed range on other boards before.

Once I received the 20% low-battery warning from the remote, the power of the board rapidly decreased and I could no longer sufficiently go up any hills. It was still capable of riding along flat areas, but it just struggled up hills.

Before I knew it, I had a flat battery and long walk uphill home.

WowGo 3E battery enclosure

Motors, Speed, and Hill Climbing

The WowGo 3E is powered by dual 650W belt-drive motors that deliver impressive performance, propelling the board to a top speed of 28mph / 45kmh.

For most riders, this speed is more than sufficient for commuting and casual cruising needs.

It’s rated for a hill gradient of 25-30%, which is quite impressive for a board in this price range.

During my testing, I was able to climb a hill with a 15% gradient with no problems. The board maintained a steady speed and topped out at about 27kmh.

WowGo 3E motors

ESC and Acceleration

The WowGo 3E is equipped with a Hobbywing 9043 ESC which is known for its smooth and responsive control, and it plays a significant role in the board’s impressive acceleration and braking performance.

When it comes to acceleration, the WowGo 3E offers a smooth and controllable experience. The power delivery is gradual and predictable, yet it’s still potent enough to provide a satisfying boost. This makes the board a pleasure to ride, whether you’re gently cruising or seeking a more thrilling ride.

The braking system on the WowGo 3E is equally impressive. The brakes are strong enough to bring the board to a complete stop within a safe distance, yet they’re not so aggressive as to be jolty or unsettling. This balance of power and control makes for a braking experience that’s both safe and comfortable.

However, despite the smoothness and control of the WowGo 3E’s acceleration and braking, it’s important for riders to be prepared.

The board is powerful enough to throw you off if you’re not ready for it, especially if you’re a beginner. Always ensure you’re in a stable stance and ready for the power of the board before you accelerate or brake.

WowGo 3E ESC enclosure


The WowGo 3E comes with a Hobbywing remote that features an OLED screen, providing a clear and easy-to-read display of various ride metrics.

This screen shows the battery levels of both the board and the remote, the current riding mode, your current speed, the distance of your current trip, and the overall odometer reading.

Having all this information at your fingertips enhances the riding experience, allowing you to monitor your ride and adjust your riding style as needed.

One of the standout features of the remote is its auto on/off functionality. This feature allows the board to automatically turn on when you turn on the remote, saving you the hassle of having to manually turn on the board. Similarly, the board will automatically turn off when the remote is turned off, ensuring that the board’s battery isn’t drained when it’s not in use.

The remote also includes a reverse function, which can be handy in certain situations, however, I rarely use it. And it also has cruise control, which allows you to maintain a constant speed without having to adjust the throttle.

In terms of design and feel, the remote is a pleasure to use. It has a matte black finish and a rubbery texture, providing a secure and comfortable grip. The buttons are responsive and easy to operate, even when you’re on the move.

WowGo 3E remote

Ride Experience and Overall Quality

Riding the WowGo 3E is an experience that strikes an impressive balance between comfort, control, and performance.

This electric skateboard has been designed with a keen attention to detail, resulting in a ride feel that is both exhilarating and reassuring.

The comfort of the WowGo 3E is immediately noticeable. The deck’s combination of Canadian maple, bamboo, and fiberglass provides a nice amount of flex, absorbing road vibrations and smoothing out the ride. The shock-absorbing grip tape further enhances this comfort, making longer rides a pleasure. I enjoyed the 90mm wheels for the short ride I took with them, but the 105mm wheels are where the real luxury ride is at.

In terms of control, the WowGo 3E had me filled with confidence. The reverse kingpin trucks and 90a bushings provide a responsive and agile ride, allowing for enjoyable carving.

As always, the Hobbywing ESC and remote makes for smooth and predictable acceleration and braking, giving me confidence to control the boards speed.

Performance-wise, it was more than enough for me. I spent most of my time cruising at around 30kmh and gave it a bit of a push to feel that torque when I wanted to have some fun.

Riding the WowGo 3E

Final Thoughts

Priced at US$499.99, the WowGo 3E offers an impressive blend of performance, comfort, and control that is hard to find in other electric skateboards in this price range.

It’s one of the best electric skateboards under $500.

Its powerful motors, smooth acceleration, and responsive braking system make it a joy to ride, whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate rider.

If you’re looking for an electric skateboard that delivers on all fronts without breaking the bank, the WowGo 3E is a fantastic choice.

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