How to use the Tuya Smart App for WowGo's new boards?

Oct 08, 2023

How to use the Tuya Smart App for WowGo's new boards? - WOWGO BOARD

1. Introduction to the Tuya Smart App

Tuya Smart is renowned for its versatility, enabling seamless device integration and management through a singular application. For electric skateboard enthusiasts, this means unparalleled control right at your fingertips.

With Tuya Smart, you can:

Monitor Real-Time Data: Track your skateboard's speed, battery life, and distance traveled with precision.

Customize Riding Modes: Whether you prefer a leisurely cruise or an adrenaline-packed ride, adjust your board's settings to match your style.

Stay Updated: Ensure your electric skateboard operates smoothly with over-the-air firmware updates, keeping you at the forefront of innovation.

Safety and Security: Utilize features like locating your board, setting geo-fences, and even anti-theft alarms, ensuring your prized possession's safety.

Note: The app only supports Mini 2S and 3E for now, and future models will also have app support.


2. How to Use Tuya Smart with Your WowGo Skateboard

  • Installation & Setup:

Step 1
Open the App Store or Google Play Store on your phone.Search for the app by "Tuya Smart" Download and install it on your phone.

Step 2
Turn on your phone's Bluetooth, the "Tuya Smart" App, and the remote control.(The remote control has to be paired with the board)

Step 3
Click the"Add Device" button to add the board.Now your phone has connected to the remote! (Please keep the remote control on when using the the APP.)

  • What you can do with Tuya Smart App:

Unit Set: Modify "km" or "mile".
Direction: Modify "forward" or "back".
Motor Type: Modify "hub" or "belt".
Wheels Diameter: Choose your wheel diameter.
Speed Limit: Adjust speed limit for each of the 4 gears.
Acceleration: Adjust acceleration power for each of the 4 gears.
Deceleration: Adjust brake power for each of the 4 gears.
Brake Power Max: Adjust board's max brake power.
Track Cycling: Tracking ride trajectory, time, and speed.
Cruise: Push and hold the throttle on the remote control while riding and press
the power button once to activate cruise control. Braking will deactivate cruise control.
Note: To directly adjust settings via the remote control, pull and hold the throttle down. While maintaining this position, press the power button five consecutive times.

3. How to Disconnect

To disconnect the board from your phone, pull and hold the throttle down on the remote control (as if braking) and then press the function button eight consecutive times. Please note that a single board can only be connected to one phone at a time, but one phone can be connected to multiple boards simultaneously

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