WowGo Mini 2 Review

May 13, 2022

WowGo Mini 2 Review - WOWGO BOARD

Whoever said, “bigger is better” never rode a mini electric skateboard. This board is small, but mighty.

WowGo’s  Mini2 offers the Electric Skateboard Community a high-quality and affordable product.  The recent upgrades truly enhance the riding experience.  I was really excited to demo this board, and my impressions of this board surpassed my expectations.

Our verdict: A small, compact E-skateboard with high-performance features and a smooth, stable ride. We felt this was a winner right out of the box. And our test ride confirmed our initial impressions. Read on for the full review.

Unboxing the WowGo Mini 2

Unveiling the Mini2 from the box was almost as exciting as the ride.  The box featured surprises in each compartment, such as the All-Terrain wheels that WowGo advertises as the “Cloudwheel”, a schematic poster board, and stickers.

WowGo Mini 2 Unboxing

Immediately, you can tell that each component was made with high quality materials and was built to last.

The team at Concrete Surfers gives this board extremely high ratings but read more to find out why.

WowGo Mini 2 Design

The deck is made of 8-layers of Maple and features a slight concave, U-shaped design.  This makes your stance comfortable and stable at the same time.  The board simply looks sharp because of the vivid purple streaks against the black of the deck.

Underneath is just as sleek as the top.  It has a glossy and glittery finish. Plus, the overall polish of the board looks tight.  The battery is well designed and expands almost to the length of the trucks.

The battery is equipped with a battery level display that lights up.  It is the type of board that makes you choose your roads carefully.  In fact, after my first ride, I wiped the board down to keep its pristine condition.

WowGo Mini 2 Specifications

  • Deck: 8 Layers of Maple, U-shaped concave with mini kick-tail, snubnose design.
  • Brake Pad offers board protection and emergency braking
  • Weight: 15.32 lb/6.5 kg
  • Battery: 187.2 Wh-10s2p
  • Motors: Hub Motors 680 W*2
  • Marketed Range: 15 Miles/25km
  • New Version ESC waterproof, dustproof, and shock-reisitant
  • Advertised Top Speed: 25 mph/ 40 km
  • Wheels: 90mm; Cloudwheel 105mm x4 included with purchase.

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Riding the WowGo Mini 2

WowGo Mini 2 Ride Feel

Note: I am a 170 lb rider.

I am a snowboarder at heart but testing out this board brought me back to the mountain. The way this board maneuvers mimics the type of turns one takes in tight glades.

I was extremely surprised with the control this board offers. For that, the WowGo Mini 2 feels safe.

Additionally, the quality of the materials: deck, trucks, and motor make the board stable.  This enhances the experience of any rider.


Note:  I tested this board out on the back streets, hills, and grass. The smooth pavement is obviously the best choice for the Mini2.

When adding speed to the equation, little stability is sacrificed, but it is noticeable.   With high speeds (25mph), the board is less stable, and you can certainly feel vibrations.  At normal cruising speeds,(13-20mph) the board handles nicely.  There is plenty of flexibility for wide and tight carving.

With a 20% grade, the Mini2 climbs with ease.  When going downhill, riders may have to adjust their stance to overcompensate for the small deck.  I found myself adjusting my back foot up towards the center of the board for increased stability.

There are four settings for speed: Slow mode(20 km), Medium mode(30km), Fast mode(40 km), and Turbo mode(40km).  I was most comfortable in the Medium/Fast mode because 20-25 mph is fast enough for a board this size.

The Remote

The hand-held remote control is loaded with technology.  The display provides all of the necessary information and then some.  Anyone testing out Electric Boards will tell you there is a big difference between the life of the board battery and the remote battery.

The WowGo Mini 2’s display on the remote control shows both.  Plus, the display also features the single and total range.  This is useful information.

Our WowGo Mini 2 Review: Wrapping it Up


The WowGo Mini 2 has many benefits, but what separates this mini board from others is the quality of components and the affordable price. The Cloudwheels are also an added bonus.  This board is equipped to go anywhere.

It is small, compact, and powerful.  I was extremely pleased with the performance.  This board suits all your needs.  I really like this board for carving tight turns.  The new front truck frame design offers great stability, while being more flexible.  This allows riders to feel safer making turns at high speeds.


There were not too many issues with this board.  The one concern with this board is the height of the deck.

Compared to the Yecco MT mini, the deck of the WowGo is 1-inch higher.  This is noticeable at first, but it didn’t take long to acclimate.  Most Eboards are like this, due to where the battery is housed.

Additionally, I prefer decks to have a flush finish, meaning the rivets are not exposed.  Even though the rivets are set in a flush mount, I prefer to not step on them.  Mini boards don’t leave a lot of room for wide stances. Ideally, you want the wood of the board to absorb the shock, rather than having the metal from the screws conduct the energy to your feet.


In my opinion, the WowGo Mini 2 is a phenomenal choice of mini-boards based on the price, quality, and performance. The technology, craft, and care that went into designing this board is impressive.

It is ideal for any level of rider, but preferably someone who has some experience with Eboards.  This board can be technical since it offers versatility.  You can take this board out cruising(on and off road), you can rip up and down hills, or you can use this board to commute.

The technology in the motor and battery provides a comfortable riding experience.

This board is fun, easy to use, and looks sharp.  We recommend this board to all types of riders.  For the price and quality, this board will surely perform to your liking.

WOW, GO get one!

Wowgo Mini 2 reviewed by Chris lim from

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