Wowgo 3 electric skateboard reviews - All

Dec 17, 2021

Wowgo 3 electric skateboard reviews - All - WOWGO BOARD

1.Wowgo 3 Review – It’s Butter

Wowgo 3 reviewed by Paxon lim from
I think they succeed in their vision. Wowgo 3 is, as mentioned in the title, is butter. The control is buttery smooth. Carving all around is buttery smooth. Everything just felt so smooth.

2.WowGo 3 Review 2021

Wowgo 3 reviewed by Electric travel
Honestly, many similarly performing competitors are often almost twice the price of this board. Structural suspension is another cool addition, whilst subtle it still offers a much smoother ride than its counterparts. The controller is ergonomic and comfortable to grip for extended periods of time, alongside containing everything you need for breaking, accelerating, reversing and more...  Read this review

3.WowGo 3 electric skateboard: who knew a $599 e-longboard could be this good?

Wowgo 3 reviewed by Electrek
At just 17 pounds (7.8 kg), the WowGo 3 is light enough to carry comfortably. The dual case design with the separated battery and controller always seems to make boards a little less intuitive to carry, but the WowGo 3 is balanced nicely and carries almost as well as flat deck boards. And the price is hard to beat. Sure, there are boards for less than $599, but if you go below this level, then you really start making sacrifices. Either the brakes are weak, the boards can’t climb hills, or you get a stiff board with cheap bushings, wheels, and trucks.

 4.WowGo 3 Electric Skateboard Review

Wowgo 3 reviewed by Indexskateboarding
You’ll find the Paris truck on the front, and it brings the experience of riding an electric longboard to an entirely different level. Among all of the WowGo 3 specs, this detail might win it for the majority of future owners. It’s one of the reasons it made the top 3 in our best electric skateboards in 2020 post...  Read this review

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